Day 146. Connecting to nature.

Alarm goes off at 5am as working in Hunstanton today. Always time to fit a snooze or 2 in though. Up at 5:18am to have breakfast – egg in egg cups with Avocado on the soldiers- fed the boy too and then set off. The top of my right foot feels tight and is slightly painfull, might be to do with the hip. So I abandoned the planned run for a nice early walk with the boy instead. So stopped at McDonald’s at Kings Lynn, to get a coffee and porridge. I drank the coffee and saved the porridge to eat on the walk. There’s already a couple of dog walkers out on the feild, when I got there. No worries for us, we’re heading for the common (Roydon common). My foot hurts to walk on and can’t help thinking it’s because of my work boots. So I take em off. Can’t be any worse. The cool ground gives instant relief to my foot, feels nice.

Sod it! I’m doing the walk barefoot. I’ve ran here barefoot before so should be fine. Mind, it was a couple of years ago and my feet are a bit more sensitive now. In all fairness it doesn’t take long to start walking normal. Infact I notice how relaxing it feels, it makes me take a bit longer and gives me more time to enjoy my surroundings.

Its nice to feel the different textures on the ground. Will definitely be doing it more, I’d forgot how nice it feels. Plus it’s a free foot massage πŸ‘.

Had a full day at work on a roof with Phil. Took the dog down the seafront, to have chips for dinner. We bumped into Sarah,Jon and there’s kids, nice little catch up. Left the coast about 5ish, unsure where to do my run. Was gonna run by the sea but everywhere seems busy. Also my foot was hurting again (should of put my trainers on to walk into town) so thought about running later on. Something made me turn into Sandringham and before I knew it, I’d parked up. This is we’re running then. We just make it up as we went, it’s all nice so doesn’t matter.

We ended up back at the entrance.

JB is not happy.

We carry on running through the woods, through some boggy bits and over roots. Its a bit undulating in places. Some very old trees to looks at too.

We finally get back to the van and I washed his feet and fed him. Got changed and we head home. Babs has tea ready when I get back, then I prep my bike ready for tomorrow. Big ride planned 🚴.

Day 146 done 219 to go.

5.3 miles.

881.3 miles total.

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