Day 152. Goodbye May you were great.

Well that was quick, May seemed to whizz by, now time for June. We’ve had some nice hot weather through may and everything has grown so much. So here’s a little summary of my May. It’s been a strange month, I’ve struggled for motivation for some of it. I’ve ran in Greece for part of it, which was amazing. Maybe I ran in the footsteps of Pheidippides. I’ve read so much about Greek running and the story of Pheidippides. I think that made running there so special, even if it was very hot some days. I also clocked over 900 miles for the year, unbelievable. Running has now become part of my daily routine. like breakfast, lunch and tea, it’s almost as important as sleep. It would seem so strange to not do my daily run now. I’ve gained a few more followers and a few more friends. Ran while being Ill, which was tough and even had a mild asthma attack. I’m still loving seeing you push yourselves and getting healthier. My mate Carl did his first ultra, well done bud. Harry and Julie have got motivated to run again. Hayley has been running in the Lake district. Clive and Dave are smashing all the local running events, Gangstar style. Babs is bashing out miles like Pac-man eats the dots. I’m not saying any of this is because of me, I’m saying all this motivates me and everyone around you. Keep going, keep focused and keep smiling, it’s meant to be fun 👍.

Today’s run…

I parked at the Rowing lake after work and luckily for me there’s some porta loo’s, as there’s an event of for the weekend.

Unluckily for me I’d forgot my running stuff, DOH! Gutted as it’s proper warm out, and running in my mucky t-shirt and big heavy jeans shorts wasn’t appealing. Also I didn’t want to go home and disturb the boy, as walking him after tea. So I tighten up my laces and set off.

Along the lake to Orton mere, a lot of people having a nice walk by the water. I take the trail along the river on the golf course side. Passing a couple of blokes on MTB’s down here. Once at Ferry meadows I head right up the hill towards the road. Turning right there and go past the Woodman and the Holiday Inn. The sweat is pouring off me know, it feels so bloody hot but I’m loving it. It also seems so peaceful, even though there’s people everywhere. While running I decided to change my weekend plans. I’m not heading to Wales tonight, gonna chill with Babs instead. Bike tomorrow with the Gorilla’s and do a big run on Sunday. Just don’t feel like driving tonight and .asked more sense. By the time I get back to the van, I could wring my top out its that wet.

After starting the van and getting the Aircon on, I realised why I was so hot.

It was parked in the sun to be fair but shit the bed that’s warm.

Day 152 done 213 to go.

4.7 miles done.

914.3 miles total.

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