Day 153. Italian market.

Met Tris at the George for 8am, we rode for a few miles to warm up. A nice chatty pace. Once we got to Southwick hill, we was on our own. Hill reps. We met Justin on the way down an Nick on the way back up. Up and down, up and down untill it was time to head to the Wharfe. Plenty of others there waiting and turning up, for a 9am depart. 9:01am and off we go. Nice and steady through town, I realise I need a piss, so I shoot off ahead. Felt like the longest piss ever, as the group flew past and started to disappear. It took some hard work and a lot of sweating to catch them. Infact I hear Charlie upped the pace 😒. Just as I got back they stopped for a slight bike issue, typical. The rest of ride was a decent pace, spent a bit of time on the front a good route. With 5-6 miles left Neil dropped back, Stefan stayed with him and I dropped back too. We had a nice and still pacey ride back to the Tap for coffee.

A steady ride back to the van with Tris. Got ready,well almost. Forget pants, glasses and my watch. The show must go on. Started up Strava on my phone and ran bare, in more ways than one. Don’t worry I still had shorts. I ran from the pub through the estates to the Rugby club. then followed the trail to Cotterstock, the way there was lovely trails. The way back was the dreaded nettles and long grass. A nice lap of Oundle and finished my run in the Market place, they had an Italian market on. Got myself a Italian sausage panini and a spinach and cheese thing, oh and a can of pepsi. Neil and his wife turned up, we had a nice chat. Then Tris and Andrea turned up too, felt like a local. So today I learnt, I really like Italian food and running with no pants is the way forward 👍.

Day 153 done 212 to go.

5.1 miles.

920 miles total.

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