Day 155. Recovery run.

Whilst walking the boy this morning, on the embankment. I had to laugh at this.

Now I know there a few tents scattered around the rural parts of the city. Even a couple of small tents by the river, on this same feild. What I find funny is this- the other tents are small ones and semi hidden from view. Not that this is ok as should of been moved on weeks ago. This couple though (I know it’s a couple because we see them sneaking back to it) they’ve slapped a big orange family sized tent in the open. In a well used public area, in the middle of a walkway. With no care in the world. It’s been there for over a week now ha ha. I might rent the house out and pitch up too. Can’t really blame them but doesn’t seem to be any reason for them not to do it. I’m pretty sure if I did it, I’d get moved on.

Only a little recovery run today, felt shattered and my left side hurts from the fall yesterday. Pulled up at the Rowing lake and jumped on my ready made bed 😉. Power nap time, out like a light. If my phone hadn’t made a noise, I’d still be there now. Just a loop around the outside is enough for my heavy tired legs. It was a slog and it was a chore but, it’s done and dusted. Chill time.

Day 155 done 210 to go.

2.3 miles.

941.4 miles total.

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