Day 158. Normal for Norfolk.

A day late writing this, didn’t realize I hadn’t done my blog šŸ˜’. I did leave before 6am and didn’t get home till gone 8pm, so I’ll let myself off. I was working at Dub and Lizo’s in Dersingham, so thought we’d go for a run in Roydon common.

Only one other car in the carpark, so literally get it to ourselves. Perfect temperature and a slight cool breeze. The boy is exploring everywhere, he’s loving his first day back at work for a while. Think he secretly likes chilling in his den in the van. It was all going oh so well until, where’s he gone? He does this around this bit, he likes to chase the dear. It’s a big area but I’m on an open trail, so he’ll spot me when he’s done. Can’t see him anywhere though. I get to the top of the hill and look over the heathlands. Nowhere to be seen, I shout and whistle. Nothing. It’s fenced all around this bit, so know he’s not too far. Then I see a little black dot on the track. Bless him he’s panicking, the wind is in the wrong direction for him to hear me. He should follow my scent. He does. He’s on it and in full persuit. Only thing is he’s following it the wrong way, that boy. So I run back towards him, as the path comes back along the trail higher up and I’ll see him. After a couple of minutes there I see him. I whistle, he spots me and comes straight back. I don’t say anything, no bollocking, no fuss, I just carry on. He’s knackered and knows he messed up. Good as gold from this point, he spent most of the return journey by my side. I obviously fussed him at the finish. Then he had an exciting time with George and Isaac (Dub and Lizo’s children) they love him and Isaac gave him this amazing pic he’d draw.

Luckily Isaac was around to give me some help, else I’d still be there.

Day 158 done 207 to go.

3.7 miles.

953.3 miles total.

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