Day 161. Swan lake.

Had a late call out last night. A joiner had gone through a water pipe with a screw. The owners (our friends) didn’t notice until they got home, as it was a slow leak. So didn’t get to bed till 1am. Then up this morning to meet the joiner to fix it. I tried not to let it ruin my weekend but it’s not easy. Got home just after 1pm and we decided to do some hacking back of the neighbours tree and our lavender bush. Then cleaned the front and back doors. Couldn’t get motivated to run or bike. I even cleaned my bike but that didn’t help. Just felt like the weekend had gone. Babs asked how she could help and told me I need to go and do something. She was right as always. So after walking around the house for another half hour, I got ready. Gonna park at Altwalton and ride over to do this month’s biking segment. Then straight out for a run when I get back. Babs says it’s a good plan and off I go. As I’m riding towards Elton on Oundle road, something feels different. Bike looks ok. I go a bit further and scratch my head, idiot! Ha ha forgot to put my helmet on. I consider riding without it but think against it, how this weekend is going anyway. So ride back, put it on and start again. 5 miles steady to the segment then I hit the gas. It’s a bumpy 6.6 mile loop starting with a climb. I know what time the others have, they did it in a group though. So anything near that I’ll be more than happy. All I can say I gave it everything I could, a bloody hard segment that. Over a minute off but hey ho. A steady ride back to the van to get ready to run. I lingered around before putting my bike away, as there was some people sat in there car. After they went I loaded the bike and set off, down to the river and along the single-track. Then I went down the track on the outside of the park, just thought it’d be less busy.

I was right, nice and peaceful. Staying on the outer edge, I pass the long boats and bird hides. A green woodpecker flies in front of me. I see one the other day too and forgot to mention, beautiful bird. As soon as I got near the lakes it got noisy and busy, not too bad to be fair and everyone is polite enough. I had to stop to get a pic of these 3 amigos as they caught my eye.

It always feels peaceful by the water, any water. There’s a family having a BBQ by the water, they even looking like they’d take there rubbish away too. We’ll see. I was keeping my HR below 135 as taking it easy. This week is all about taking it easy now. Got the 9up TT at Silverstone on Friday and the Lakeland 5 passes run on the Saturday. So a big weekend. Nice, steady and smooth back to the van, then home to chill out.

Day 161 done 204 to go.

5.4 miles HR 132.

988.2 miles total.

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