Day 163. Rest day 2.

Rest days are hardwork when your active. It must be how doing stuff feels, if your not very active. A bit like this toad I spotted, whilst walking JB this evening. It didn’t want to move, I would rather get stamped on.

It was only a little one, so moved it off the path. Loads of wildlife on tonight’s walk, it’s nice to stop and take it all in. We’re all in such a rush, we forget to take a breath of reality sometimes.

Anyway my run was done after work. I stopped at the A1 services to use the loo and get a double espresso. Then drove over and parked at the rowing lake. I’m itching to do a 5-6miler but need to keep it short. I head along the top track with the intention of doing coming straight back, through Thorpe meadows just over 2 miles. I feel good when I get to the end though and my HR is low, so sod it. I’m off to Ferry meadows. A great evening for a run, loving it. The air is fresh and the birds are busy flying around and singing there songs. Not many people around either, so very chilled. I do like this trail along the golf course too, it’s nice and flowing. At the end I turn right, I head up to road and head over to the footbridge into Longthorpe. Following the paths past the walkers and past the ponds. Into Thorpe meadows now for the finishing striaght.

So I did do a bit more than planned but not as much as I’d liked to have done. The most relaxed run I’ve had for a while. Time to go home for tea.

Day 163 done 202 to go.

4.1 miles HR 129.

994.8 miles total.

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