Day 166. Team TT day.

Only a small loop with the boy this morning. Needed to finish loading my van up for Silverstone tonight. Also got my bed in there and running kit, for heading to the Lake district afterwards.

So out we go, JB is keen this morning. Maybe he knows what’s coming. No my mistake, he was gagging for the toilet. Let him do his own thing down Potters way and across the builders field. Hooked him back in to go through the dogging carpark and the rest of the run. No police cars there now, infact there’s nobody about. As we cruise along the path by the river. I can’t help but think how much it’s becoming a popular campsite. There’s a bloke feeding the birds by the river, seems pleased with himself. Another bloke is with his dog at his longboat. I say “morning” he just looks confused. We turn past the key theatre and go past the Lido. We head home and I feed the boy. Have a shower and have breakfast. Jackson always gives me the eyes when I’m going away. I hate leaving him but he’s in good hands. Got another day today at work, building a stone gable. Hopefully get knocked off early as hoping to get a power nap in 👍.

Power nap didn’t happen. Ran out of time. We all met up one by one,sign in and got ready. Waited a bit for Olllie, who was late. Before I knew it we were warming up. When I say warming up, I mean nearly flat out ha ha. 3 laps the last a lot slower and more chatty. Then we got called off the track. A quick debrief in the pit garage, then a spin around the smaller circuit. Before we knew it we’re in the que, then on the start line. Off we go! Great fun and a wicked experience. It felt a lot smoother than the practice and loads better than last year. We was over a mile an hour quicker too. At 26.4 mph for over 10 miles, that’ll do me 👍. Loved it lads.

Then a debrief while we stuffed our faces in McDonald’s.

The journey to the Lakes should have took 3hrs 49 but as the M6 seems to be one big long load of roadworks. God knows how much longer it’ll take. Already added 40 mins to the journey 😡. Well the M6 has roadworks most of the way to Kendal, horrible drive. Ended up getting all the way here though and parked up just outside Grasmere, 01:42 😴 shattered night.

Day 166 done 199 to go.

2.3 miles.

1005.2 miles total.

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