Day 168. Father’s day.

So after resting in the van yesterday I decided to drive home. Then changed my mind. I needed food and sleep, oh and a beer. So I parked up in Scales at the foot of Blencathra. The pub allows sleeping in the carpark and food is good. In hindsight I should have stayed at Grasmere but hey ho. The pub was busy and I had a mixed grill in mind, which wasn’t on the menu. So I left, as service was slow anyway. Thought I’d stop when I see a sign for a pub. Going along the A66 I see a sign for the King’s Arms in Stainton. I’ve been there before with Babs and JB, it’s a 17th century pub and I seem to remember very nice. So I divert to it. Found a nice spot for a sleep after, then went in. Busy and another slow service, maybe me being impatient because I was tired. Stood there for a while and got fed up so left. I carried on and found a lovely country pub in a place called Long Marton, it was called the Masons arms. Very welcoming and they thought I was a legend. The mixed grill was big and the stake was cooked perfect (raw) the 2 pints of Guinness went down easy too. They was cool with me sleeping in there peaceful carpark. Bed at 9:30pm and slept through till 4:45am. Brushed my teeth and set off for the long drive home. A coffee at Scotch corner for the trip, then a Gregg’s breakfast baguette at Blyth services. This is where I’m writing this bit of the blog. Strangely my legs feel fine today, obviously aching but can’t stop thinking about running. Have I gone mad 🤔.

Got home about 9am said hi to Babs and the boy. Without thinking I flushed a baby wipe in the downstairs loo. Saniflo! DOH! First chore, which I get straight on it, all my own doing. After fixing that and sorting my washing and stuff out, I get my running kit on. Babs has gone to meet her parents in Splading. So I go out and do the ol faithful route. You know what? I felt fine, leg muscles are sore but keen. I do feel muscles I never knew I had. HR was a little higher than normal but ok -I realise why when I loaded the run up, I was going quicker than I thought- Funny thing is I had to stop myself pushing harder as I wanted to go faster. It feels so easy without the loaded backpack and mountains in the way. Got back and was buzzing for how good I feel. Washed JB,as he stinks of something, hoovered the house and sorted the washing. Had a shower, which I needed more than normal. Then had eggs in egg cups. Time to go and see the legend himself Mr Burton, aka Dad.

Day 168 done 197 to go.

5.1 miles HR 139.

1041.8 miles total.

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