Day 175. Humber half marathon.

Early start today, up at 5:30am for showers and breakfast. On the road for just after 6am, aiming for a 7:45 arrival at Barton-upon-Humber. We’re meeting David, Claire and Nigel there. After a couple of stops enroute we get there for just after 8am. A quick catch-up and get ready for the run, Nige is dog whisperer for day and a top job he did, thank you 👍. We walk over the bridge to the start, which is about a mile and half, perfect little warm up and good chance to catch up.

A last toilet stop, then off to the start and before I knew it we were off. A loop round, which bigger than expected. Then on to the bridge. Kind of strange to run over the Humber bridge. I spent many of my childhood holidays crossing it. Being scared of heights I’d always close my eyes and wait for mum to say we were over it. Seems a long time ago and now I’m running it and on the closed road a great experience. I soon found myself some space and I felt good, really good. I’d planned to stick around a 7min mile pace for a few miles, to see how I felt. I was running in the 6’s and felt fine, so kept with it. I bridged to the next group which took me most of the bridge. I passed Karen and auntie Elaine on the bridge giving us support. I was in-between groups at this point.

As you can see the runners had spaced out at this point. Don’t know why I’m clapping ha ha I tend to clap back at supporters. Was starting wish I’d worn my hat now, 4 miles in and it’s warming up. I didn’t drink at the first drink station either but was ready for water by the time the next one came. Especially after that slip road and slight incline leading upto it. A quick slurp and the rest on my head, remembering to take my glasses off first. There was a hosepipe being sprayed on runners before the bridge earlier, was lovely and refreshing but I couldn’t see through my glasses after ha ha. Didn’t have that problem again. The route through Barton-upon-Humber was full of support. Great to see so many getting into the spirit of things. It did seem a lot longer there than expected though. After speaking to Dave at the end, he’d thought the same. I was still feeling good here,even though the course was more undulating than I was led to believe. I knew of the one hill but there more than just that. I was passing people now, picking them off one by one. Still felt good as I passed Karen and Elaine again at mile 8. A striaght road now and its very hot. I’d passed 3 more drink stations by this point, only grabbing a drink from one. Then this girl crosses the road on her bike and rides in front of me. I nearly ran in the back of her. “Runner on your left” idiot, surely see could see what was going on. Now time for the infamous Cardiac hill. Doesn’t look too bad, so I decided to push a bit harder and take a couple more runners. It’s a sneaky double hill though ha ha, good job I love hills. I definitely needed water from the station half way up this, and the nice cold water soaked sponge too. Just the bridge and I’m heading to it. left my hip is tight now so i try to stretch it as I run. I do this by slightly changing my technique, seems to work as I pass another runner. Now on the bridge I can see 3 runners about 600m further on. New targets, maybe optimistic but worth a try. I notice one was struggling, starting walking, then running,then walking again. He’s mine, well so I thought. He spotted me and pushed on. That’s a long bloody bridge but I got him at the very end of it. I picked up my pace to stop him trying to stay with me. Then as I turn of the main road the crowds are cheering again. Then I here “Go Steve” it’s Nige but couldn’t see him. Put my hand up and carried on. I was paranoid that I’d get passed now, so put everything into this bit. The cheering from the crowd was brilliant, I came around the corner and see a marshal and the main crowd. This is it, yay finished. No no no it’s not the finish, keep going. About another 200m to the finish line, so I sprint encouraged by the cheering. Nearly tripped over a cone and BOOM! Over the line. Grabbed my medal and a bottle of water. For the first time of the race I check my time. 1hr 28mins and 9 secs, was shocked very shocked and taken back by the fact I’d got a PB. By over 4mins and also I’d beat David’s PB from 1989 too 😉. Ate the banana and met Nige and JB. He was really happy for me and surprised how well I’d done. He thought I was in the top 20. I thought no way, I looked back at the finish area and not that many there so I must have done ok. We watched the others come in all looking very hot, Babs seemed happy when she passed but not so at the end.

A tough day in the office. Well done everyone.

37th out of 1785 wasn’t expecting that 😎👍. Claire got a PB today too, she just keeps getting better every race. We all get hydrated and have some snacks, the head over to Scunny (Scunthorpe) to Auntie Elaine’s for showers, teas/coffees and bacon sarnies lovely jubbly. Oh yeah and to watch England win 6-1 against Panama. We chilled in the garden and David got stung on his forehead by a bee, ouch! I suggest lemon to naturalise it, would you believe that it actually worked 🤔. We say bye and leave. We drop Nigel of at his home in Lincoln, a really nice lad and the least we could do. Infact there all great, they’ve always made me feel part of the family. Always enjoy our time together. We head home exhausted and a little sun drained. Time for our left over curry from Friday night, a film and some beer 🍺.

Oh and had the talk about hope with David, I’ll save that for another day. when I’m not so tired.

Day 175 done 190 to go.

13.1 miles.

1078.1 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 175. Humber half marathon.

  1. Mate .. today was fab … even through the hurt it was enjoyable… thanks for taking nige back… just to share I have chafing and applied cream to a place where I think cream was last applied by my Mum 53 yrs ago lol


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