Day 180. Play day.

Up and out the door by 6:30am as meeting Ally -my sister inlaw– at Spalding McDonald’s for 8am. She’s dropping Reece there for me to take on to work. So gave JB a small walk at Cowbit bank. Got myself a Gregg’s breakfast baguette and drove over to meet them. Reese already had a McDonald’s by the time I see him. I nipped to the loo and got a poridge, greedy. We walked Jackson again while we ate. Andy (the customer) was home today so we let his dog (Dude) and JB play. Continuous play fighting, with only a few rests. Separated them after about an hour both times. They was both knackered by the end the day.

So after work I took him home to chill, stuffed some chocolate down my throat and got ready to run. I’ve felt rough again today so needed the chocolate to give me a boost.

Just set off not sure where to go, just gonna go with it. Ended up running alongside the parkway, well sort of. Ran through Fletton and eventually ended up on Oundle road. Felt the best I’ve felt all day and in the zone. So followed the cycleway/paths back out through the Sugar way estates. Feels like I could run all night. That’s a must before the year is out, an all nighter🤔. Crossed the NVR track and go through Bear woods. There’s a bloke walking his dog in here. Then followed the path to Charters, which was busy and I wished I’d had some cash on me 🍺. Headed back home via the Lido and Bishops road. As soon as I stopped I got a headache and felt knackered. Was ment to be out with the Gorilla’s this evening but a run was enough and now just needed to chill. So let Rich know then cut hair and stubble ready for my holiday and got in the bath. Babs brought me a beer and ordered a Chinese. Gutted not to be out but it’s nice to stay in and spend time with Babs and the boy. Not gonna see them properly for 2 weeks and had a lot on this week.

Day 180 done 185 to go. Blimey! Nearly half way.

6 miles.

1100 miles total.

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