Day 183. The Alps.

Tris picked me up at 3:45am, bags in and off we go. We had a good clear drive to the channel tunnel. I did forget the iPod though, that was my job for the trip.

On the train I needed to use the loo, a queue formed very quickly. Noisy people while in the loo don’t work for me. Only a 8 hour drive now through France. I’d sorted a play list on Tris’s phone, it got us most of the way there. Only a couple of stops. Rich and Emma was hard on our tail and David and Amy not far in front, so the way race was on. Duncan was still stuck at Luton, he’d been there since early yesterday -flight delays- then the mountains started to appear. Very nice and a lovely dive for the last hour.

We get to the chalet and see David and Amy are already there. What a beautiful place.

So after unpacking I went for my run. Headed down and into town, very hot.

I found a nice trail. Ran through town and passed the Spar where the others a getting the shopping. I head back up the hill, gonna be a hard week. Blimey. Got back to the chalet and carried on past, as wanted to check a trail out I’d seen. Found it and headed down it.

Quite a nice little route, will be doing it again and maybe on the ebike. Talking about the ebike, I headed out on it to the top of col du Grand Colombier. Rich and David was on there road bikes. A lovely climb up, looking forward to doing it in the road bike. On the way down though I got to take the off road trail back to town. A bit dodgy on that bike,as I had too much pressure in the tyres but great fun. Plenty of wildlife.

Back to chalet from a shower and hot tub. The wine starts flowing and Tris cooked us a really nice chili for tea, spot on.

Day 183 done 182 to go.

3.3 miles.

1117.6 miles total.

Also I forgot to mention, passed the half way mark 👍

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