Day 188. The calm before the storm.

The day before a big event is always strange one, especially when it starts with a hangover. A lot of chilling out today and final bike cleaning/tweaking. We’re all eating and keeping well hydrated throughout the day. Amy and David do the last shop of the holiday. We all drop in and out of watching the first day off the tour on TV. First time I’ve been in France while the tour is started, a real buzz in the air. To be fair the Etape itself is creating a massive buzz too, everything is getting set up and ready. We all (apart from Tris) do a little ride out. We head up the Colombier to spin the legs. Me and Westie go to the top and the others head back at different times. Next time I’m there, I’ll be in a totally different mindset. Really enjoyed the decent, the sun is out and the glasses are amasing. A couple of beers in town, watching bits of the footy. Well done England 🍺.

Then a steady ride back to the chalet. Had a quick lay down and wrote some blog. Got my kit on and reluctantly go downstairs. I asked Dunc if he’d give me a backy on the ebike. Maybe take me 2 miles up hill, so I could run straight back. He wasn’t keen so I didn’t push him. I start running up the hill, god it felt hard, very hard. Legs are heavy and breathing is laboured. I ease off a little more and start to feel a little better. Wasn’t enjoying this one bit, just getting it done. I get just over a mile and turn back. Heading down still feels hard work but I keep it steady. I can honestly say one of my hardest runs of the year. Time to eat, relax and hopefully sleep. Up at 4am 😴.

Day 188 done 177 to go.

2.2 miles.

1135.4 miles total.

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