Day 191. Back home.

So we left yesterday At 7:15am French time. Stopped for some breakfast at a services, only one girl on. She didn’t hear us right and we ordered extra but we didn’t mind, we we’re hungry. After 20mins and still no food, Tris went to investigate. Another lady there now too. 3 mins apparently. Then I spotted she’d charged me for an extra breakfast too, so went up and sorted it out. Also sorted out our drinks she’d forgot. Nearly an hour in there, not a good start. We wasn’t the only ones that complained either. So with full bellys we carried on, eating up the miles on the toll roads. only around 720miles to do πŸ˜‚. I’m in good company though and we like similar music, plus we both enjoy a good old moan. 2 more quick stops on route, one for fuel one for the toilet. Then we reach the tunnel, ahead of schedule too. We have our fingers crossed for an earlier crossing. Unfortunately so did other E’tapers, Marmotters and all these drivers in there sports cars.

Loads of them and some proper classics too. Bloody noisy sods, Tris loved it, my mate Stu would too. Anyway, I reckon it was their fault, queing for ages and ended up with a rain an hour later than scheduled, work that out. The place was rammed and we was hungry, I was Mardy. Queued everywhere for everything arrrrhh! David and Amy turned up then Rich and Emma. Was great to see them again but would and should of been boarding by now. We stuffed a Burger king meal down our throats then got in the queue. Both slept the whole way across. I woke to see no cars in front of us ha ha, woke Tris up and off we go. Back in Blighty. The home straight but what comes with driving in England? Roadworks and pointless speed restrictions! Luckily they didn’t last for long and the rest of the way was clear. Was glad to be home and luckily I’d changed my work plans, so I could stay local till Wednesday. Was jumped on by JB as soon as I walked in, think he missed me πŸ• and Babs too X.

The happiest part of my day was walking this little legend, bloody missed him.

The day just got worse after that though, if I’m honest. Untill I get to walk the boy again after work that is. Then had a catch up with Babs and got packed for the rest of the week. Was heading out of the door for my run, the boy wouldn’t let me go without him. So we did a little loop along the Nene and around the embankment. That’s 2 tired boys, fed him for the second time and had a shower. Babs cooked a lovely red cabbage and cashew biryani. She knows how to cheer me up and some red wine to go with it.

Day 191 done 174 to go.

2.3 miles.

1141.7 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 191. Back home.

  1. Le Mans 24 hour classic race… we got em on the way in too!! Karen is desperate to see it.. we have coincided with this a few years now .. it’s brilliant to see but you are right bloody noisy too


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