Day 195. Family day.

I didn’t get up till 9am and that was forced, proper shattered. Babs had already done her 7 mile run, putting me to shame. She made egg and soldiers too, yummy. My parents are coming over for a late birthday visit between 10-11am. After breakfast I take the boy for a swim in the river, he’s living the dream.

Got home and mum and dad were already there. So we had some tea/coffees and a catch up. Then a nice little drive out, ending up to Wansford station. We had a walk to the river then got some lunch. Me and Babs had veggie burgers and the parents had hamburger’s. Was really nice actually and very filling. The weather was scorching hot too, a bit uncomfortable at times. We had a look around the engines, found out my dad used to be a train spotter when a youth.

Had another scenic drive and then had a little walk at ferry meadows. Me and Babs had a paddle, then we made a decision to head home and get out of the sun. Snoozes alround, then they head home. After a talk with Babs and the temperature had dropped slightly. I head out for a run and she takes JB for a swim, I plan to meet them. Wasn’t really up for it, so put on my spreds to spice things up a bit.

A bit steady to start with but soon got into it. Took in some trails and paths to the boathouse,then crossed Thorpe road and run through Thorpe meadows. Nice and quite, apart from a lady and her dog, I had it to myself. Was feeling good now and noticed the birds are back out today. Was thinking JB would love this, as I chase the bunny’s around the ponds. I need to run out in my five fingers more often, great for tweaking my technique. It’s busy in the Woodman as I pass it. While running down the trail to Orton mere, I realised how light I am on my feet. It amazes me how footwear can change your style so much. I head along the trail opersite the boats at Orton mere, this is where Babs and the boy should be. I nearly get to ferry meadows and still haven’t seen them, so I call her. No answer. I run a bit more, then call again, still no answer. I get annoyed thinking she’d left her phone at home. So I turn back to head to the carpark, then my phone rang. It was Babs, had her phone been on silent 🤔. I’d ran straight past them ha ha. So after finding them, we laughed about it and head home.

Day 195 done 170 to go.

5.1 miles HR 129.

1160.5 miles total.

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