Day 198. Back with the boy.

Up at 5:50am. First morning run with the boy in what seems like ages. I’ve lost the drive to run early over the last month, I’m not sure why. I think I enjoyed walking the boy instead, plus the lack of routine.

We get ready a walk to the end of the road, nice and cool, a good start. Beep! And JB is striaght into it, think he’s missed it too. He soon calms down after his wee, then I left him off down the toll path. He constantly checks where I am and keeps close by. My legs feel heavy but it’s nice and fresh, so i’m happy. Doing the ol faithful this morning, so head along the Nene past the willows. Still plenty of barge’s about, I do fancy that for a year or two. Keep trying to talk Babs into it. Only one wild campsite,3 tents hidden under 2 willow trees and one person further down, just in a sleeping bag. Looks quite cosy to be fair. Only 1 and half miles into my run. Suddenly my 5 mile loop seems bigger, when before it didn’t seem long enough, strange. A long freight train crossed the bridge over the river. Jackson was intrigued and got a bit excited. I let him off and he watched it, while I carried on. It did seem the longest train in the world to be fair. Not long before he’d got bored and was back in front. We go straight on down the trail by the river, the water’s very still this morning but plenty of activity going on. I even hear a Kingfisher but never get to see it. We pass two separate small groups of people fishing. I’m guessing eastern Europeans, catching there dinners most probably. Heading right through the trees and past the Boathouse, I turn right again, on my way back. Don’t feel that far anymore, infact I’m feeling good. Jackson though is starting to look tired. It still feels cool but maybe warmer than I think, I ease off a little. After going through the town centre he has a burst of energy and pulls me through Bishops roads garden’s. He eases again along Bishops road. Just before we get to Star road, I see a hot chick cross the road. It was Babs coming back from her swim. An old plaster had stopped play, I’d of done the same too. It kept getting in her way, fear of swallowing it 🤮.

We walk back together and Jackson is happy with that. Feed the boy and have some breakfast, a quick shower then off to work.

Day 198 done 167 to go.

5 miles HR 126.

1177.5 miles total.

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