Day 202. Who’d of thought it.

Well I wasn’t expecting that, a taste sensation. Freshly cut pineapple chunks, added to my granola. I can’t take the credit for as was Babs idea. Definitely gonna be a regular one for me now.

But first, before this touched my lips I woke up. Naturally. Not by a dog or cats or my alarm, nice 👍 it was just after 6am. So gave the wife a cuddle and got up. Gave the boy some fuss, went to the loo then we head off. The ground is damp but no puddles. Now maybe I’m imagining it but everything looks a little bit less dead this morning, apart from me of cause. As we’re running down the toll path, I decided to do the Stanground loop, just fancied a change. JB had his second toilet stop, l took the opportunity to get a pic of the Whittlesea chimneys and wind turbines.

Only see 2 people all the way to the bridge, then a couple of eastern Europeans were stood on it. With there fishing stuff, starring at the water. No doubt planning there options for dinner. We cross the over past them and down onto the gravel track. Taking the path to Stanground. I’m feeling good now but my head still ain’t in it totally. After 3 or 4 more people pass on bikes, I decided to hook the boy in. No pulling, good boy that’s better. Less to think about so totally relaxed into it. Then something strange happened. Some pigeons flow out of a tree but the leaves only on this tree, the rest are silent. It’s leaves was rattling in the wind. Like wind chimes but more like loads of tiny flags, flapping in the breeze. Yes that’s the sound, flags in the breeze. Made me smile anyway and set my head straight. Under the spooky railway bridge.

As we come to Stanground, over the lock there’s a bloke doing so weird stretching. First he was doing like a strange arm punch out thing. Then he started rolling is head really fast. I found myself starring at him with my mouth open. I closed it and looked on, as he looked a bit surprised by me being there ha ha. Then literally 2 minutes later, a bloke on his bike shouted something. I thought it was directed at me but ignore him. Then he shouts it again. It was either “don’t stop” or “go Scott” I looked at him, he put his thumb up. So I raised my arm and shouted yeah! Made me smile all the way home. Fed the boy and had my granola with pineapple 👍. Got showered and ready for biking, loaded my bike in the van and headed to Oundle for the 9am ride with the Gorilla’s. Was a big turn out and great fun. A few people I ain’t seen for a while, so had a great catch up. A cafe stop at 23 miles in Kimbolton, then another 25 miles back. Got a bit fruity on the return. By this I mean a higher pace, so we dropped a few people. Some sprinting for village signs and a mad sprint finish into Oundle. Back to the Goerge for a pint and debrief. Unfortunately a couple of the others had a crash -into eachother- Nothing too serious but a few scars to come, by the sound of it.

Day 202 done 163 to go.

6.4 miles


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