Day 209. Rest day.

Had a lay in this morning as think I needed it. Babs was heading off to meet Helen at the parkrun. I had planned to run the boy then ride with the Gorilla’s at 9am. I let my body decide and woke up naturally at 8:30am -well almost-. Had egg in egg cups then walked the boy. The grass does look slightly greener this morning.

After doing my house chores and sitting at the computer -planning a long run-. I realised I was still shattered and needed more rest. So made a cup of tea and grabbed my electrolyte drink. Put the TV on and chilled on the sofa with JB. For over 5 hours while watching the tour de France. It’s the deciding day and a time trial day, so perfect for lounging about.

By the time it came to running, I totally didn’t want to. Just wanted to sleep and stay on the sofa. Babs had her hands full to get me out the door. Today like a few others could of been the day that broke me, really didn’t want to run. The only way I can explain it is, well I guess by resting my body thinks it’s over. Time to sleep and recover, it naturally tries to shut down. Because I’ve basically done nothing all day -which I needed by they way- I’ve gone into shutdown. Babs did her best to get me out and left me looking sorry for myself. Even had my kit on. After a mental battle with my inner chimp, I got up and put my road trainers on. Said bye and left. Headed to the river and towards the Boathouse, again. Wasn’t up for it but just going through the motions. Nearly turned back to do the minimum. When I get like this I tell myself -if it gets tough on race day I’d keep going, so this is mental training- Then something happens. It thundered, here we go come on! My spirits rise and I start laughing, then a rain drop lands on me, then another. By the time I reach the Boathouse it’s heavy rain. The wind is even stronger than yesterday. I’m shouting again “Come on” i get to the rowing lake and it’s a Monsoon. This is very smart, I stand there and take it, arms out head back. Man this rain actually is starting to hurt ha ha. I turn ant let it beat my back for few seconds. Then I see that the bloke in his ice-cream van is looking at me ha ha. Time to move on. Then it hails, brilliant I’m buzzing now, even get goosebumps. The roads have small streams running down them. It’s still raining down Thorpe road and the cars have there lights on. Wish I had my phone with me but then again, it probably wouldn’t survive. The rain stops just after I pass the co-op, I’m absolutely soaked but happy. I squidge my way through town and I’m gutted again I ain’t got a camera. There’s a big ol’ rainbow set over the cathedral, would of been the money shot. Nevermind, I splash my way home through puddles. Like a child that I am. Returning home a better person than the one that left. Had a hot shower, then met up with Babs and JB. She was walking him and doing a recce of the area for tomorrow’s litter pick. We got home, got ready and go out to the Grain barge for a late birthday meal. Very nice it was too.

Day 209 done 156 to go.

4.5 miles HR 131.

1249.4 miles total.

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