Day 212. Segment cough.

Meeting Tris for hill repeats this evening, so I thought as I’m that way on I’ll have a bash at the segment. I haven’t attempted it yet and today is the last chance for this month. The Young’s offered their help, so we planned to meet at the Monty in Barnwell for 6pm. After getting caught in traffic in Peterborough, I eventually got to Ashton. I parked near the Checkered Skipper and rode over to Barnwell, to warm up a little. David and Amy was there waiting, so we have a quick chat and a plan of attack. We head to the start and off we go. Amy misses the wheel the first time, so we go again. This time we’re all on and David goes like a bullet, I nearly loose him on the first corner. We loose Amy again and I take my turn on the front, thinking I’m on my own now. I was wrong as Dave had stayed with me and was ready for his next turn. I’ve learned my cornering has got worse, need to correct that for next year. This time he does drop back to help Amy, I’m on my own. This is bloody hard, my legs are burning a good un now. I feel my power fade towards the end and, relax. Spin a bit and nearly puke. Amy and David wasn’t far behind. Then Amy and I had a steady ride back. She stopped at the first corner of the segment and David joined her. They both cheered me as I past for a second attempt, I shouted bye as I passed. I felt good for the first bit but the rest was bloody hard going. I gave it all I had and was 14 secs slower then my first attempt. I got a 5th place so I’m well happy with that 😎.

Was in a mess on my slow ride back to the van. Got changed and composed myself, then drove over to Warmington to meet Tris. Hill repeats now, maybe a segment bash wasn’t a great idea. Too late now. We do a mile or so to warm up and recce the hill. We decided our start point. So dropped back to it and off we go. Tris is hot out the gate, I give it everything to stick with him. 90 seconds up hill efforts, then walk for a minute then gently jog down. Then do it again, 4 times. 3 sets of. The first set started steep then slightly flattened off. This one favoured me slightly. Then a few minutes recovery. Our next start point was lower down. Not so steep to start then steeper to finish, I found this harder. We both did ha ha. Wish we had someone to take pics of us at the end of the efforts, would of been hilarious. 4 of these efforts. We both wished we’d took a drink with us. The last set and final one, we mixed them up,2 of each alternated. All I can say is Ouch! That really hurt. A great tough session we both enjoyed it, thanks Tris your a total machine 💪.

Day 212 done 153 to go.

8.2 miles HR 138, highest 192.

1267 miles total.

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