Day 217. Sunday Swan with Dave.

We went out for a walk around town yesterday, late afternoon. Karen wanted to see the Antony Gormley statues, so we pointed them out for her. We also walked through the Cathedral grounds, to show David the old stone buildings and walls. Then we got on a bit of a pub crawl. Starting with a couple at the Bumble Inn, then half a pint of Death at the Stoneworks. They would only serve it in halves or less, at 12% that’s wise and to be fair a third would have been plenty. We then had 1 or 2 in Charters before heading down Oundle road to a quaint little thai restaurant. It’s like eating in someone’s house, a great atmosphere, nice a steady service and fantastic food. Will definitely be going there again, plus can take your own drink 👍. A quick one in the Palmerston arms, then home to see the boy. A few wines and a late walk for JB.

So needless to say I was expecting to feel rough in the morning. The boy didn’t stir till nearly 7am, so I slight lay in, got up and took him for decent walk and loads of ball fetching. It was nice and fresh and to be honest as I’m walking with a coffee in one hand and JB in the other, I don’t feel too bad. There’s a hot air balloon out, I tried to get a pic but it’s bit far away.

We end up on the embankment about 50 mins into the walk and the grass is damp. Morning dew, seems a long time since I’ve felt that. The grass is looking greener everyday now.

I get back and feed the boy. Then David came down in his run kit, ready and keen. So I went and got changed, had a drink of water and we head out to run the Swan route in reverse. It felt good to run with someone around it, as only ever done it with Jackson. Enjoyed having a chat and was good sweating all that booze out. As we ran around Central park the Junior Parkrun was setting up. Was nice to see a good turn out for it, a good set up for life in the mindset of these kids.

Here’s David’s account of the day.

So this morning wake up about 6.30ish after a late night… went to some great pubs and fab Thai place… but the combination of stout and curry wasn’t the best way to start the morning… laid in bed a while wondering if Steve was up and had we really planned an early morning run!! Got out of bed just over an hour later.. he’d already taken JB for a walk …

We set off .. swan in reverse… nice and cool to start with – but that didn’t last long! After reading about the swan – both forwards and reverse for so long was great to be experiencing it myself!

It’s a good run – clocked just over 5 miles and some good striding… loved the Central Park area- great to see people in the park and we think Junior ParkRun being set up too!

The route through the city centre was a stark contrast to yesterday afternoon… very few people about. As we get by the river a few people still partying-dancing on top of a boat… the river also had a load of swans in one area- seemed kinda fitting!

The stretch out by the willows was good – I love running near water – something about it that’s really inspirational. Headed back on the toll path- that bit was new to me… and upped the pace here too… legs felt good even tho it was my 8th run in 7 days…

A great five miler this swan is!! Over the weekend we’ve had great sights and great company… thanks Steve and Babs for the weekend and the runs.

We need to sort some London runs out. And a Donny one too!

Thanks for a great weekend, great company and we really enjoyed spending the weekend with you both. Also thank you for your write ups and company on my runs 👍 Best of look with your running everyday of August, your making it look easy. See you soon 🍺.

Day 217 done 148 to go.

5 miles.

1290.5 miles total.

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