Day 219. Running with Matt.

After work tonight I plan on meeting Matt for a run, he mentioned on Facebook that he’s training for Peterborough half. So me and Babs both offered to meet for some runs. We arranged mine for this evening. Popped my money in to Goodys, to pay for our lads walking weekend in the lakes,on the way home first. He wasn’t home but Rach was,so gave her the money and had a catch up. Got home and had a bit of time, so started prepping tea to help Babs out. Before I know it I’m running out of time, so I get ready and head off. After struggling to find the address, I arrive just in time. Time is tight tonight as Matt has a tag and needs to be back by 7pm, or they’ll send out the wolves. So we set off steadily, maybe not steady enough it’s hard to know. We had a catch up in this period, as I said earlier he’s on tag. The bloke has had a few problems and unfortunately made some bad choices. We all do it but his got him in trouble. Matt is a nice kind man though and wears his heart on his sleeve, that’s what got him in trouble. He also suffers with depression and when I told him I battle with the black dog too. We had a mutual understanding and I know that talking about it, helped us both. So all that out the way, we focused on the run. He wants to get the best time he can on the half marathon. Tonight we focused on a 10k PB. We still chatted a fair bit so our pace was good. We end up in Ferry meadows and do a lap around the outside of the lakes. It’s a nice pace and I talk about my motivations and how much I’ve learnt and gained from this experience. We’re very similar in many ways and the miles (km in Matt’s case) tick by quickly, well for me anyway. I can’t speak for Matt but I know it’s starting to feel tough for him now. His breathing is laboured and we’re talking less. I take us down a trail he’s not used before and it helps to keep him focused. Then we head down Oundle road and turn, right to go through Orton woods. I need to keep him moving. 1- so we can keep the pace and 2- we was running out of time. He noticed this too and started to worry. “We’ve got plenty of time mate, just keep going” I say. We was cutting it fine to be honest but I was confident. We had to shimmy around the estate a bit to get the 10k in, In the safe distance of the house and finished with 2 minutes to spare 👍 and a 10k PB for Matt. Pissed it mate. Fighting the black dog together.

I got home and did my washing up chores, then ate my lovely tea. Made by the wife, who’s out with Lou.

Ummmmm Chickpea curry. Oh that’s another thing. Matt has decided to go Vegan, as you know I’m all up for the Vegan diet. So look forward to see how that goes for him.

After my tea I took the boy for a really nice walk down by the rowing lake. We was lucky enough to get a spreying of rain, nice and fresh.

And would you believe it? I see my first lot of cygnets.

Day 219 done 146 to go.

6.9 miles HR 147.

1300.4 miles total.

4 thoughts on “Day 219. Running with Matt.

  1. Brilliant write up buddy! Loved the therapy of just being able to talk to someone who’s carried the black dog too, combined with a great run made for a awesome evening!

    Keep up the inspirational stuff buddy ❤️

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