Day 223. The morning after.

Well without being disgusting, I was ready for the loo this morning 😥. 4 times to be precise and that’s before 8:30am 💥. Did feel a bit better afterwards though and after walking the boy and one last visit to the throne, I grabbed my stuff and left. Babs has ran the 4 miles to ferry meadows for the parkrun. I was cutting it fine for the start. Luckily it started a few minutes late and I’d found Babs and Helen. I offered my services to pace them and Babs was up for it, Helen was happy doing her own run. They both start way too far back in the crowd for a PB but thought we’d try anyway. So the first km is a bit of dodging and weaving through and around people. Easily a 30 seconds lost here but we do our best and Babs is doing good. Then we find a bit of space and find our pace, already aware of time lost I try to keep tight to it now. She’s got a lot more in her and needs a bit more race technique. I can teach her this. She lets her pace drop at about two and a half km. It is hot and the start wasn’t the best to get a nice flow. After the 3km mark though we get back up to pace.

The ol gal is struggling now but I’m impressed with her grit and determination. The old Babs would of backed off now but not this Babs. Not even a word from her only grunts and heavy breathing. I try to relax her, she looks in pain but pain is temporary and all that. So keep her going. She hold her side. “Stitch” I ask. “Had it since 2km” she said. Makes sense for the drop in pace I thought. “Nearly there, focus” ” come on your doing awesome” “last little bit,. All the way to the line” aaaaand finished!

Well done Bables, not quite a PB but was very pleased with her efforts, top marks 👍. So we waited for Helen then scanned our barcodes.

-You get a finish token with a barcode when you finish, plus your own you carry with you. This is how they time and position you. A simple and great way of doing it-

All 3 of us go for a cool down run around the Lynch lake. Had a nice chat and stopped at the park to meet Daren and Ben. The Green festival is just setting up, so we check it out. Me, Ben and Daren did the dog agility course, on the way to the waterside cafe. I had a mocha, Darren and Babs had flat whites and Helen shared Ben’s slush puppy drink. Was lovely sat in the sun but the wasps was enjoying it too, so we retreat inside. After drinks we head back to the festival. I had homemade Jerk burger on my mind. Nick from Embe2go was setting up and should be about ready now. We do get held up by the lady at the RSPB stand. Which to be fair I didn’t mind as think they do a great thing and always up for new ideas to help. There’s so much we can do in our gardens to help wildlife, simple things too. Unfortunately like everything, it’s become a franchise now. More interested in sponsorship than anything else. ( Don’t get me wrong they need money to function) but I don’t sign up to monthly payments. If I had some change I’d have give it, as I often do but that’s my own choice, with no hard sell. Not knocking this woman though as she wasn’t hard selling, only tried the once.

Watched Ben on the bouncy castle slide thing, then said our goodbyes as we went to see Nick for our burgers. Absolutely amazing burgers, spot on.

Had a good chat with him and then left to grab some strawberries/raspberries and blackberries. From the Luton farm stall. All I can say is amasing 👍.

Later on after house chores and stuff, I got Babs out on the bike. Unfortunately my head wasn’t init and was a bit snappy. So to stop me being a knob, I suggest we go home and take the boy for a good walk instead. Only 2.7 miles done but still got her on it 👍.

We got changed and put the bikes away. Got the boy and headed out. I’m still grumpy but to be honest I feel like crap. Guts feel rough and a headache. We soldier on and turns into a really nice walk along the river. We end up at the Boathouse for food and a Cider.

Just over 6 miles by the time we got home.

Day 223 done 142 to go.

3.8 miles.

1325.5 miles total.

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