Day 227. The dream team.

Woke up fresh this morning, so asked Babs if she fancied joining us. She was keen and we’re out the door just after 6:15am. Someone had had too much to drink last night. They’d used the back of my van as a leaning post, to be sick πŸ‘Ž. Will sort it when we get back. We do the Swan route in reverse, which seems the direction of choice lately. I have the boy and Babs sets the pace. Babs is struggling slightly for the first part and around the park. Once she realaxed into it though, she was fine. Not a lot to report in today, apart from the roads are busy already. Oh nearly forgot as we ran up Broadway to Central park, we heard some shout ” Morning Steve and Babs”. It was Matt on his bike, heading to the gym i bet. Through town was the usual rough sleepers, fast asleep and people are heading off to work. Nice and quite down by the river, we check for litter. We’re gonna walk the boy there later and pick some rubbish out the river. Got home and fed JB and had a shower whilst Babs poured some water on the sick. Wednesday weigh in 1 lb loss. Honey on toast and Weetabix with berries for breakfast. Finished cleaning the van, then off to work.

Day 227 done 138 to do.

5 miles HR 110.

1350.1 miles total.

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