Day 230. Ladybower runs.

Up at 6am and on the road for about 6:45am, not bad at all. A relatively smooth journey, with a couple of stops. Parked up at Fairholmes carpark near the dam. After a bit of tweaking and getting ready, we set off. Babs took JB for a loop of the reservoir and I head off for some hills. A slightly different plan than originally planned. Gonna do a loop back to the van. I’ve asked Babs to do a blog about her run. So gonna keep mine short. Here’s some pics and bullet points from my run.

– Next time try not to trip over in the carpark at the start.

– Edale skyline is amazing, go do it.

– Never run out of water, it feels bad.

– Kinder scout and Mam tor get really busy this time of year.

– Had a nice phone call off dad, while crossing a remote moor.

– A lot of English people are ignorant.

– I love running in the Peaks.

– Thanks to the Ladybower Inn, was ready for that glass of water and cokes.

So got 26.4 miles in the bag with 4793ft of climbing. Apart from the lack of water, I felt ok. Babs was waiting for me as I turned up with an ice-cream.

Then she fetched me a jacket tate with cheese and beans ummmm.

Today’s run by Babs Burton.

So today s the day, my lovely boy joins me on one of my favourite runs, lady bower reservoir. The longest run we have done together – double in distance in fact. Steve had prepared a long hill run as only 5 weeks to his big ultra in snowdon, so a bit too big for Jackson . I like the idea of the challenge with my newish running buddy but bit cautious over whether he will be ok, as downside of me being a slower paced runner means that we will be running for longer. We head off , Jackson took a few minutes to get used to my pace, but we were soon in synch. It’s a beautiful reservoir and wanted us both to enjoy it so kept the pace, but in all honestly I never looked at my pace or HR on my watch, just went for what felt right. We took a couple of stops for pics and rehydration.

It was a lovely run, Jackson looked behind and checked on me periodically when my breathing became heavier, he walked beside me on the ups and on the downs, he wanted to speed up but I couldn’t keep up with him, after a few shouts of ‘ease’ he held back for me.

We arrived back at the car park in good time, I had jacket potato and then JB and I had a snooze, read and wander while waiting for Steve to come back

Was lovely day and I beat my last time by 15mins and buzzing to of done it with Jackson. Steve nailed a marathon- positively breezed it!!

So there you have it, our day in the Peaks. We stopped for scuff on the way home in a village called Baslow. Babs looked ready for this.

Day 230 done 135 to go.

26.4 miles HR 140.

1386.4 miles total.

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