Day 231. Recovery run.

I say recovery run but in all fairness, I feel fine. A little tender but nothing to worry about.

Babs had a litter pick at 10am, supporting another area. So me and the boy head out for a run. Fancied a steady one, so put my Vibram five fingers on. A good test to see how I am. We set off and Jackson was a bit too keen. I needed to get a feel for it first. I soon calmed him down and once on Potter’s way, let him off. Can’t believe how good I feel, considering. Muscles are tender but that’s it and I don’t feel stiff or tight at all. Heading to the Millennium bridge as we’re doing the Stanground loop. There’s a fishing comp on and JB decided to take a look. We’d already passed about 10 but for some reason he was know interested. Called him back but he wasn’t having any of it, so ran down the bank to grab him. No harm done, he didn’t even get too close really. Once we past them all, I let him off again. It’s nice and breezy this morning and quite nice running weather. We’re running over the bridge before we knew it, I honestly think I’ve got another marathon in me today. Nearly had this part of the route to ourselves, just a couple of others walkers. He must be knackered though as he’s not leaving my side much at all. As we come up to Stanground he’s really holding back but find a puddle, so he can paddle and have a drink. This gives him a boost, still keeping it steady though. He looks knackered so once we get to Bishop’s road, we walk the rest of the way. Pleased with our run, we chat all the way back. Well I talk to him and convince myself he understands. Showed him his water bowl and I went for a shower. The rest of the day to chill now. Sat in the garden with a cold drink and cheese and beetroot sandwich. From now on this is gonna be my running sandwich ummmmmm.

Oh! Nearly forgot. This is my top mileage week. 60.8 miles 5,515ft of climbing. Let’s try to beat this next week.

Day 231 done 134 to go.

6.2 miles.

1392.6 miles total.

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