Day 235. Back to nature.

For tonight’s run I parked at the Woodman. After speaking to Maggy on Tuesday nights run about barefoot running. It got me thinking, so I put my five fingers on and head off. Always steady to start with as need my feet to get used to it. Plus there tight from wearing boots all day. By the time I’m taking the single-track through the trees, I’m flowing nicely. The stoney path is a bit harsh but manageable. I look down to the left and can see the reason the Riverside path is closed. There building a boardwalk down there, looking forward to run that πŸ‘. Taking it a bit steadily on the downhill stoney bit, halfway down I just think sod it. Just go with it. Feeling good as I go over the Milton ferry bridge. There’s a couple letting there rubber dingy down, looks like they’ve had fun. As I turn right into the cow field, I can’t resist the urge any longer.

Skin to ground time. It been a while but let’s have it. A cousious start but slowly relax into it, a couple of sharp bits of stick or thorn. Nothing bad just a quick bit of ouch. Then I’m in the flow, feels good, different but good. I notice how my feet and body responds to the ground. Feels very natural. I remember how much I like doing this now and then. I followed the trail to the tarmac path. I keep going, not knowing how my feet will be, only one way to find out. They’ll need toughening up but feels ok. I head around the Gunwade lake, passing a female jogger. I could feel her staring at my bare feet and I smile. My feet are a little sore by the time I get to the gate, so I get to a mile of barefoot and put my five fingers back on. Amazingly they felt like slippers and the rest of the run felt like running in comfy trainers. Until that is, I pass an older couple walking and take the last but one corner. I see the little shit coming towards me and go straight down my throat. Bugger! My bloody nemesis fly again. I tried to get it out but too late, my throat started to swell. I coughed then puked a bit, would stop but not that far from the van. No inhaler on me, idiot! Puked with coughing again but get to the van. Out of breath and a bit light headed I sit down and reach for the inhaler. Noooooooo! It’s still in my backpack πŸ˜₯. This isn’t a good situation. I try to relax, cough and a little more sick. I’m sweating so I wipe it off. Think about calling Babs but even if she’d answered and it got worse, she’d be too late. Kept my cool and what seemed like an eternity -but probably only a few minutes- it eased enough so I could sip my water. Just sat there for a bit. One to get my self together and two, to reflect on how lucky I am. So many people suffer in silence and many don’t get through it. Asthma is so overlooked by anyone without it, at the same time we all have our own different problems. Just have to except who we are, what you are, what you have and what you can achieve. We are all unique and we need to respect this, we can achieve whatever we challenge ourselves with. Don’t be afraid of failure be afraid of not finding your full potential. Find your limits, live your dreams and take control.

Day 235 done 130 to go.

3.5 miles HR 136.

1431.6 miles total

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