Day 236. Tris’s birthday run.

It’s Tris’s birthday, 40 years old today. So what better way to celebrate, than an after work run. Got done early and so did he, so was around his for 3:30pm. Had a play with Magnus while Tris finished getting ready. Then off we go. A progression run is planned. With a 2 mile warm up, then increase every mile. Tris had his phone set up for the session, so just waited for the beeps. My breathing was very laboured for the first few miles but eases after these. We chat alot for the first few miles too but that slowed and then stopped after mile 5 ha ha. The last mile was a cool down and I was ready for it, plus a bit of barefoot at the end. That’s right I convinced him to take his trainers off and go natural. Great fun and as always great company. Happy birthday mate and see you tomorrow for your birthday pub ride.

Here’s the pace graph of the run. Looks how it’s supposed to 👍.

Day 236 done 129 to go.

8.4 miles.

1440 miles total.

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