Day 243. Sunset run.

Forgot to take my running stuff to work today. Was too busy getting out the door to meet Kyron for a fry up. Popped in the Gorilla firm after work and had a catch up with Jimmy, about running and boxing training. Something I miss but feel to old for it now. Sounds like Jimmy’s enjoying it though and gives me the buzz to get back in the gym. Mentioned about going along with him soon, looking forward to that. Good to see Linds too, although we mainly talked bikes. I’m looking for a new one, next years a bike year 🤔.

The time I got home, Babs wasn’t far behind. She’s got an appointment for a MRI scan on Sunday. A bit of a shock as we we’re expecting a CT. So she’s not looking forward to that. Can’t blame her really and not running or exercising is getting her down. Doesn’t help her that I’m running everyday. Unfortunately for her the show must go on 🏃.

Couldn’t be bothered to get changed, so put my trainers on. I’ll run in my work clothes, saves on washing 👍. Got the boy and drove over to the Woodman and head into the woods. A lovely evening to be out, nice temperature and the sun was getting low. I let the boy off along the river.

I love it when the sun is low and it sends light through the trees and bushes.

We get to the sailing club and the sun is setting over the lake. There’s an older couple sat on the decking enjoying it together. Wish Babs was here too but for now I’ll share it with JB.

I feel humbled tonight and very lucky. Lucky to be here running, others who can’t at this moment and would love too. Not just Babs but other good friends that can’t exercise at the moment. We should never take things for granted. So if your able get out there and do something,make time and stop thinking about it, do it!

Also humbled, to have shared runs with some great people. One of which David, massive congratulations buddy. Not only have you completed your run everyday in August. You smashed it.

-31 days…162.9 miles…36 runs…His last run being 12.5 miles…Finished strong..

I believe some PB’s too. Top effort and total respect mate and thanks for sharing some of it with me 👍.

All this going through my mind and I’m back at my van. Only a short one tonight. We head home for house chores with Babs, then she cooked us tea.

Day 243 done 122 to go.

4.1 miles.

1476.6 miles total.

One thought on “Day 243. Sunset run.

  1. Hey hey hey – cheers buddy … no rest say today … park run!!! 😎 you are so right tho about not taking anything for granted … AND your milestone day 31aug too… 2/3 of year done!!!

    Also send our love n thoughts to Babs

    Great pics to…. should have taken more on my challenge….

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