Day 244. Sunny Parkrun.

Had my breakfast with JB this morning, while Babs woke up. She feels ok enough to walk him this morning. At least walking gets her out the house. Not quite running but the next best thing. I ended up faffing about and left just as they returned. Fancied a tarmac day. So headed into town via the market place, I see Nick. He was chatting so didn’t get his attention. Cut through the cathedral and through town. I keep getting a little pain in my right knee this morning but it seems to of gone now. My right heel has felt tender too, only the last two days. Need to concentrate on some massaging and stretching. Both issues had vanished by the time I was heading up Thorpe road. I followed it till I got to Longthorpe Tower. Standing there all proud.

For the first time ever, I got straight through the estates and to the foot bridge without getting lost. Time check. 08:34. loads of time. May as well sling a loop in around the lakes. It’s such a lovely morning, it’s just nice to be outside. In fact I’m sat in the garden writing this, waiting for guests. I could sit here all day.

Back to the run. The volunteers are putting the final signs in place, and getting ready. Then I pass a familiar face. “Alright Martin, how you doing?” I shout as he passed on the bike. Him, Jonny and another fella are going for a 50 mile plus ride. “Where’s your bike Steve?” Would of been a good ride, another time. Good to see them. They ride off and I carried on around the lake. A blokes dog decided he wanted to go faster than him and left him. Ha ha he didn’t seem bothered and the dog waited at the bridge anyway. Popped to the loo quickly then headed to the start. Couldn’t find Helen, so moved into the group. Was late starting though, so could of looked for longer. Nevermind only 5 mins late. Now originally I had it in my head to run with Helen. Didn’t fancy going for a PB. Was a bit flustered and undecided with the starting horn blew. I’ll just go with the flow, nice and chilled. Had to pass the odd person but nice and steady. Soon started speeding up though and each km, I picked up the pace. Turned into a progression run, seemed to make sense. Was loving passing so many people, all shapes and sizes. Coming upto the last km, I see Petro up ahead. Used to see him all the time when I was a regular. I catch him on the last half a km. “Hello mate, come on let’s push to the finish” I say. “Go on then, your my gift”he says. He ment he was in need for the help and motivation today. I kept giving encouragement, then at 100 meters to go, I say “come on mate, your leading all the way and gonna let me beat you are you?” We both pick up the pace, man he’s strong. To strong for me today, well done bud. We did the barcodes and had a chat. Thanked me for the push and we go to find the bosses, nice bloke Petro. Passed Helen on her way to the finish and met Babs, who’s looking after Ben today. We entertain him till Helen came. It’s great for kids there, the parks and recreation areas in the woods are wicked. Even see a gorilla.

And apparently a Gruffalo seat.

We built a den, sort of. Then said our goodbyes and head home. I’m hungry.

Day 244 done 121 to go. Can’t believe how quickly the days are running out 😥.

8.9 miles.

1485.5 miles total.

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