Day 245. MRI scan.

Today is more about Babs than me, so I’ll keep my run description short. She had her MRI scan today at Stamford. She never said but I know how nervous she was. Never moaned about it she just got the job done, no hesitation at all. I chilled in the car for the half hour while she was in there. It was in the mobile MRI unit, so was set up in the carpark, which made her more nervous for some reason. She hates going in them anyway and I don’t blame her. She does seem more relaxed tonight so fingers crossed now 🤞.

Afterwards I got left near the train station, to finish my nemesis run. 3rd time lucky and from the opposite way. Here’s some pics.

I don’t know why but this run seems really hard. I suppose it’s all off road and undulating. Babs called me just after this bridge, she’s meeting me with the boy and a top up. Told her to meet me at Milton ferry bridge at ferry meadows. Then I hit these bad boys and got stung to bits.

Bloody legs are still buzzing now. I was knackered by the time I met Babs and the boy and I was ready for my can of coke and more water.

I finished the last 5 plus miles running with my boy. He’s a good lad, gave me the boost I needed to get home. Shattered!

Babs made tea while I had a soak. She also reminded me of my asthma attack (only a mild one but still not good) that woke us both in the night. Maybe that took more out of me than I thought. Nevermind, 67.9 miles banged out this week 💪.

Day 245 done 120 to go.

26.9 miles.

1512.4 miles total.

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