Day 246. Rest day and test day.

Tonight Babs wanted to see how she felt running. So that’s what we did. Parked at the rowing lake and set off nice and steady, on the trail through the trees. We went this way because we forgot poo bags 😬 for the boy, not Babs πŸ˜‰. She said she found it hard to breath, I said ” that’s because your running” ha ha. She was fine. I eased her off the pace slightly and all was good. The plan was to the end and run back along the Nene, then back to the van for Babs. Me and the boy was gonna head home. As she felt ok, we decided to just add a bit on and loop back to the carpark together. She seemed ok, which is good and still seems ok tonight. I came home with her just incase, plus a kind of needed rest day for me too.

Day 246 done 119 to go.

2.9 miles.

1515.3 miles total.

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