Day 248. Babs takeover.

Guest blog

I decided I wanted to test my dizziness again n try for a little run. Steve was going to do the swan in reverse and meet me en route so I didn’t do such a long run. However, he wanted to stay with me to be sure I was ok and I think maybe he wanted to do shorter route with the boy. So off we set, Jackson was pulling as he was attached to steve and expected to go a bit faster and also probably wanted the toilet. We got to toll path and Jackson was free running so we could all find our pace, my heart felt like it was racing but was 140 (which is low for me!) checked steve and his was 98 !! Breathing felt quite shallow so tried to take some deeper breaths. Steve ran off into ‘the builders field’ to let the boy have proper run round, whilst I ran down river , checking out the litter , as I ran, in prep for my pick on Sunday. As Steve re joined me I said my legs feel like mud, here’s where he congratulated me on the fact that I would write today’s blog!

We carried on down the river taking it all in and then back over the town bridge and down near the museum to home, I forgot my breathing and legs until the steps at town bridge but I had found my pace , splits where around the same nice n slow but I didn’t feel dizzy while running which was good. As the day has progressed the dizzies have return but on the positive at least I know I can do a bit of running , slowly slowly I hope I ll be back on it for the half.

Day 248 done 117 to go.

3.8 miles HR 112.

1525.7 miles total.

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