Day 250. Sunrise flybys.

Beautiful this morning walking the boy, very fresh. He’s full of life and I’m still waking up. Had a late night, met Babs and Chris in Charters. I was late home from work, so told them not to wait for me. A few scoops and a late night. JB loves jumping for his ball.

Down the river just after taking this pic.

I heard a familiar sound and got to get a pic of these beauties.

Pleased with my luck, I had an extra spring in my step on the walk over the builders field. Got home, Fed the boy and set off to work. Unfortunately my van cut out, got it started but not a good sign.

Was ok for the rest of the day but need to get it sorted. Spoke to Tailby on the phone today in my break, always good to catch up on our busy lives..

Finished work early today, we went to see a financial advisor. Gave us a clear view on things and some good ideas, some things to think about. Which I did on my run with JB. We started at the rowing lake and headed down along the river. My HR was showing 180 something. I know it can be a bit off for the first few minutes but this was over 1 and half miles in. I gave it a wiggle and moved it, a few seconds later and it was at 125, more like it. Just a nice run tonight, the sun going down, nice and fresh, very quite. The only issue was flies, loads of em. Bloody done my head in. So happy to get away from the water and head through Longthorpe and into Thorpe meadows. Was thinking about my run on sunday, for the ride/run for Guy event. I was paying attention to any slight niggles, been really concentrating on technique and pace the whole run. Nice and quite here too. Plus no flies.

You can just make out the boy on the left, he loves it. Back to the van and then home. Chill time.

Day 250 done 115 to go.

4.3 miles HR 139 (more like 125)

1535.8 miles total.

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