Day 252. Ride/Run for Guy.

Well what an amazing day, a massive turn out for a great bloke. Guy Gooding was a man’s man, tough as nails and a fun person to be around. Loved by many and liked by everyone who had the pleasure to be in his company. Guy sadly passed last year, very suddenly and out of the blue. He lost the short and quick battle of Sepsis. Always missed but definitely never forgotten.

Wendy, his wife organized this event last year, to raise awareness and money to help the Sepsis trust. Unfortunately I missed last years -was on my stag do-. No way I was missing this year and this was Babs saying this. Even though I had to miss her first official litter pick, in her new role and position. Sounds like she had a massive turn out and a big pile of litter collected, she was buzzing and so she should be. Such a great thing she’s doing.

So after a proper crap nights sleep -The boy wouldn’t settle for some reason- Still I slept better than alot of people I know last night. The ride/run route is a 10 mile loop. Can do it as many times as you like but we all finish by 12pm today, at the George in Oundle. So the 4 nutter’s that first deserve a mention.

Mick Cable– 24 hour loops achieving 310 miles, he had various people throughout the day and night, taking shifts to keep him company.

Andy Gregg AKA Gasman- 24 hour hill attack. On the south face of Southwick hill. Not only did he achieve his goal of climbing the amount of ascent as Everest, he did Ben Nevis too. A total of 310 miles and 33,337ft of climbing.

Mad Jack Peterson- 24 hour hill attack from the north side of Southwick hill. Not sure on Jack’s total but know he completed the Everest challenge.

Startrek(Can’t remember his real name)– 24 hour hiking loops, he looked so fresh and managed 6 laps and 100km. Very impressive and he walked the 12-14 miles home too.

So many more I could mention. Many doing a 100miles, plus there support riding. I know this was a big goal for Jemima.

David Young- 12 hours loops. 160 miles. Top bloke.

In fact David was at his car having a change of clothes as I turned up. 7am to start my 3 laps, aiming for 30 miles. Always good to see him. It’s warmer than expected but I felt comfortable. I’m soon at Southwick hill to see Gasman heading down with Jim.

Once over the top I see Mad Jack with his support Tris, coming up.

The first lap I felt great and had loads of support and cheers off riders, as they came flying past. See loads of Red kites about and two big deers, actually ran across the road in front of me. I ran the opposite way round then the cyclists, thought it’d be safer plus I wanted to see everyone and cheer them on.

First lap done, feeling great. Run to my van and have a drink and grab a cheese and beetroot sandwich. Took it with me, as didn’t need a rest really. Someone shouted me, it was Shad walking Dylon. “You coming” I say “Not a chance” he replied, “I’ll be out riding in half hour mate, see you soon” 👍. See Gasman again going down and coming back up. This time with Deegan. So I run alongside for a bit and chat, which Justin finds funny. Not for long though, don’t want to burn out. Tristan was still with Jack on the otherside. Riders have started chanting me now, I’m loving it. Beagle, Beagle, Beagle, I feel famous. Such a great bunch of people, love them all. Second lap went well too, still felt good, feeling it a bit but ok. Decided to eat at the van this time, as the carpark was buzzing with crowds of riders. Fancied a coke but didn’t want to waste too much time. Had a chat with the Whites, the Young’s, the Connellan’s and a few others. Started to relax so got moving again. At 20miles I’m starting to feel it now, legs are ok, apart from my hip but feeling slightly rough. It started getting a bit tight mid second loop. Get great support from Gasman and stopped at the top to talk to Shad and Nick Ellison. Only for a few minutes then got moving again. Nick decided to ride with me. We pass Mad Jack and Justin, I mentioned about fancying a coke. Justin and Nick shoot of to get me one from the pub, top men. Nick came along with his water bottle filled of coke for me, perfect 👍. Ran along sipping it and chatting until it was all gone. Gave it back and we carried on chatting. Was nice to have the company, took my mind off the pains, not that I felt that bad but was borderline at times. I’d got £2 from the van as I’d seen some plums for sale, I’m having em this time. Nick speeds off in front to get them for me. We both munch on them for a bit as we pass through Fotheringhay. Nick’s was holding the bag but now we’ve had enough, I get him the place them in my backpack. So the main Gorilla group came past and Nick says bye to me and goes to join them. Back on my own. Starts to hurt now. Try to stay focused, I wanted it to hurt though. Its part of the process and I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. There’s so many people riding round now, there’s not much time on my own anyway. Really enjoyed it today, never had so much connection and communication with people on my long runs. Coming into Oundle I’m looking forward to finish but still moving ok, I do realize I’ve slowed but happy with that. When I get to the George I’m not quite at 30 miles, so I carry on. Pass Tris and Andrea again then Mick and Jemima. “How far you going” she says. “Ha ha I’m turning back now”. Got back and took my bag and top off, forgot to pack a t-shirt so went bareback to cool down, then put my thin jacket on. Karen gave me some water and a cup of tea. Totally sorted me out that did, thank you 👍. Everybody started coming in, all buzzing and smiling. Everyone’s finished there own challenges and all inspired by Guy (and Wendy)

We all got drinks and pizza -which had been put on for us-. A fantastic turn out and amazing support. Let’s not forget what this is about. 3 cheers for our mate Guy and the raffle was drawn. A message from Wendy.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the many of you who have given such fantastic support to the Run, Ride and Raffle for Guy. The amazing challenges you have set yourselves and the generosity of your donations have been very much appreciated.
A total of £2582.29 has been raised so far.
Thank you so much xx

A lovely event to remember a lovely bloke and also a great way to get everyone together.

Day 252 done 113 to go.

30 miles.

1568.9 miles total.

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