Day 253. Dizzy heights.

Working away again and staying in Stevenage. After work we do a quick ASDA shop, then took our stuff to the room. On the 11th floor this time, great views.

I head straight out for my run. Started by running down the stairs, for some reason though it didn’t pick it up on my watch 👎. Followed the sign to Fairlands valley park. See this last time I was here, so thought I’d have a look this time. It starts on footpaths and cycleways, along the main road. Quite nice really as didn’t have to think, just follow the path. Plenty of people about too. Then all of a sudden I see it, wish I had my phone on me but I didn’t. Over to the right was a big grass field, with loads of people walking there dogs and running around. Then on the left was some lakes, this is where I go. Lovely around here, plenty of people but not busy. There’s a sailing club and paths all around the lakes. Only a quick loop and return home today, as we’re going out for food. Will be my regular route while I’m here I reckon. Got back, had a shower and a Bob, got ready and we walked to the pub. A couple of Doombar’s and we both went for the 3 starters deal, plus sweet potatoe fries to share. Very filling.

Oh yeah and the salad bowl to start 😎. Don’t think I’ve earned this today but didn’t stop me enjoying it.

Day 253 done 112 to go.

3.2 miles.

1572.1 miles total.

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