Day 254. Exploring.

Alarm went off at 6am, not that I needed it. Been awake for most of the night, no reason, just couldn’t stay asleep. Maybe i just can’t sleep in tower blocks. Nevermind, even though I feel I could sleep now, it’s time to run. So I get dressed, go to the loo and have a quick wash. Run down the stairs and again Strava didn’t pick it up, a good warm up though. It’s warmer than I expected and a strong warm breeze. Should have packed my vest. I take the same path as last night towards the valley. Passing commuters and other joggers, not many but the odd one. This time instead of doing the lakes I go right into the field (meadows). A few dog walkers spread about and the odd commuter on the far path, otherwise had it to myself. I stay around the outer edge and follow the grass trail. Now and then cutting through tree’s and wilder meadows. A nice run, nice and steady just taking it all in. I pass a border collie and instantly miss Jackson.

He’s keeping my seat warm at home for me X.

The collie is with an elderly lady, I can tell it wants to join me for a run. I noticed it keep watching me, then looking at the lady. Deep down I was willing it to come. On the path now, heading back to the road. There’s woods to my left, have to stop myself from taking one of the trails in. I’d be straight in if I had more time. I see an information board – millennium wood- will Google it. Got to the road and check the time, enough time to do the first lake, it’s not that big. It feels like I’m at ferry meadows or by the coast. The Gulls or Turns are busy squawking and flying around. Some geese fly over and of cause the ducks are quacking. Its hard to believe where I am really. The trees around the perimeter shield the surrounding buildings, so it does feel countryfied. Back to the road and a nice steady cruise back to the digs. I take the lift back up. Andy’s still in his room, so I showered and got ready for work. Started to sort my breakfast as he came out to get ready. Not long before we was heading off to work. Just needed to get the van out of the parking place.

Day 254 done 111 to go.

4.3 miles.

1576.4 miles total.

Spooky thought 🤔 it’s the anniversary of 9/11 today and I’m staying in a tower bloke on the 11th floor. Was last night’s bad sleep a subconscious thing? The flight path for Luton goes straight over us 😬.

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