Day 255. Hangover.

You know you’ve drank too much, when you think it’s a good idea to impress the wife with a pic of this. On a school night too.

Ha ha sorry Babs, I did suffer for it in the morning.

Alarm went off at 5:50am, I sat up. Had all intentions of getting striaght up, bugger heavy head. I press the snooze, 10 more minutes will sort it out. Obviously it didn’t, so I got anyway and got dressed. Sat on my bed looking out the window, still dark and raining. Felt a bit sorry for myself, looked at the bed then looking outside. I grunt and head out, walking down the stairs as a warm up. Legs feel heavy today and the chicken kabab is laying heavy too. I’m glad it’s raining though. It took me till Fairway to get in any kind of flow. It kept raining and I kept running. It’s light now and there’s the odd person about. Instead of exploring the woods I decided to see how far the park goes. It is a nice place to run, plenty to look at. I eventually come to a main road, so follow the path round and head back along the otherside. I spot two more joggers across the lake. I reckon this must be where they do the Parkrun, if not they should do. Heading back along the road I feel the hangover lifting. It’s still raining but warming up. I get back and have a hot shower and wash my kit -did this yesterday too- rinse and hang it up to dry. Have some granola and a cup of tea, ready for work now. Oh, while having breakfast I checked and I was right. They have the Parkrun there. Gonna head to the woods tomorrow.

One more thing. Spoke to Babs and her MRI scan was clear, fantastic news 👍

Day 255 done 110.

4.1 miles.

1580.5 miles total.

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