Day 256. Asthma check up.

Made the decision to have the extra hour in bed this morning. Although I still woke up at 5:50am, it was already light outside. Was tempted to get up and head out but needed more sleep. Last night was another drinky one, ending with a pizza delivery to the pub. Ha ha ate it at the bar, had the vegetarian volcano. Oh my god, was it hot you say? Yes it bloody was. Another reason not to run this morning, my arse was on fire. When I got up at 7am and see how nice a morning it was outside, I was gutted I missed out on it.

I finished work at 2pm so I could get a run in and have a shower, before going to see the nurse. I’m feeling shattered and still don’t trust that pizza inside me. I decided on the rowing lake, toilets close by. I parked up, got ready and got a ticket, for my free hour that is.

Didn’t really fancy it today but was nice to run by the water. Started steady as my asthma is playing up. Too much booze and rubbish food, unfortunate it’s my asthma check up day but I’m sure it’ll be a waste of time anyway. I had an idea. I’ll do progression laps. I’ll increase my pace each lap, a lap being end to end.

-Warm up lap 8:30-8:45 min/mile

-Lap 2, 8-8:15 min/mile

-Lap 3, 7:30-7:45 min/mile

-Lap 4, 7-7:15 min/mile.

It turned out to be 3 miles on the dot. So thought I’d do a mile loop around the trails. Nice way to finish this run, very calming by the river. When I started my return over the meadows, I thought how a bit of barefoot would top this warm down off. So off came the shoes and socks and got a bit closer to the ground. Always feels weird for a start but soon get used to it. There’s a few areas that are a bit harsh, I just take it nice and steady. The bridge near the Boathouse is a bit rough under foot but I scuttle over. Get back to the van and feel good, still shattered but definitely feel better for doing the run.

Head home to spend a bit of time with the boy. Was looking forward to our walk.

Have a shower and head over to the doctor’s. There running late, so I start my blog. The nurse called me in, got me on the scales, she tells me they weigh heavy. Your not joking, by over half a stone, more like 3 quarters. She agreed and altered it. What’s the point of having scales that are wrong, especially in the doctor’s. Also everything she needed to know could have been done over the phone. I know it’s for my own good but it annoys me. Its cost me 2 hour’s pay and they’d basically refused to sell me anymore medication, until I’d had my check up. No wonder there always busy.

Had a great walk with the boy, Babs came to meet us. Then some how I ended up cooking tea.

Day 256 done 109 to go.

4.3 miles.

1584.7 miles total.

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