Day 257. The power of influence.

So I messaged me mate Stu aka Bruce, to see if he fancied meeting me and the boy for an after work run. He sprang to mind as I’m working that way and sent me this pic yesterday.

Didn’t save me any though ha ha, it is his share, mine went years ago. Honestly though it don’t seem that long ago.

So he’s not up for a run, as he’s resting up and gonna run tomorrow but said this.

So with this fresh in my mind as I’m walking JB, I start running. Why not? Haven’t done a 2 in a day for a while and it’s a beautiful morning. Jackson loves it here, we’re in Roydon common. I had to take my hoody off and tie it around my waist, while Jackson waits patiently.

Hat came off too and eventually the t-shirt, that’s right I went bareback ha ha. Didn’t want a sweaty top for work. Had to put the lead on JB as we passed the wild pony’s, he wouldn’t do anything as he’s scared of them. Didn’t want to spook them though. I stop to take his lead off and put it around my waist, I think someone’s feeling it.

We finish the run along the sand track, to the van and go to work. In Dersingham today.

So after work I head back to the common for a second run of the day. Same place but slightly different route. Instead of turning left at the top, I go through the gate and head straight on. Following the trails alongside the meadows, sheep in one of them and a pig farm in the other. The footpath soon became overgrown, more nettle stings. It gets a bit rough going until we hit a wire fence, with a sandy road the otherside. We get through the fence and onto the road. Turning right I know where I am. So carry on down the track to where I’m aiming for. It’s weird because last time I was on this very track, It was in the middle of the pig farm. No sign of them now.

Its not far now and I’m soon at the Bawsey ruins, the church on the hill. You might have noticed it on your way to Hunstanton. If you look to your right, after the hospital roundabout at Kings Lynn, you’ll see it. Definitely worth visiting it, been there a few times now.

Sightseeing over I head back but the track I’ve took before, it had a No right of way sign on. So we follow some tracks across a grass field. Unfortunately we end up in a pheasant feeding area. Worried about getting shot at by a gamekeeper, we go across a cropped field. I recognised a track and aim for it. Safe and sound and through the gate, back into the common. Back to where I was this morning now, so we head back the opposite way round. The boy is flying, loving it. Along the top trail were going well, I’ve been following him and upped my pace to keep up. He starts to tire so I pass him and take the lead. I keep looking back, his head is low and he’s following my every step. It feels a bit like we’re wild and chasing something down. Hunting. Then we get to the end and he’s slowed up, so I do too. Then I stop and he lays down. Poor lad, I sit with him and he gets up. We walk a bit and he lays down again, so I sit with him again and he stays there this time. After a few minutes I pick him up and carry him to the carpark. He walks the last bit. Give him some water and food and let him settle before we leave. He’s fine now, just maybe over done it today.

Day 257 done 108 to go.

3.3 miles.

4.6 miles.

7.9 today’s total.

1592.8 miles total.

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