Day 262. So close I can breath the air.

What a day! As if I ain’t got enough on my mind. On the way to work and after filling up with fuel, ready for he drive the Wales. A warning light came on. What now? I pulled into a layby, turned the engine off and got the manual out. Looks like it needs a check ASAP. So called Chrissy P, a mechanic I know in Boston as I’m working that way. He said to pop in. Long story short, I’ve left it there after sorting the job out. Babs came to fetch me -ruined her day off too- So after getting soaked in the rain, not finishing the job, left with no van and having to travel to Wales in Babs car tomorrow 😥. Then a few other things I had to sort out from another job. Stressful day but at least it took my mind of Snowdon. Got a bit wound up at home and upset Babs, just me being moody. So I walked the boy to sort my head out. It worked and after opening a beer and taking the call I wasn’t looking forward too, which turned out ok. I felt even better. I finished my beer, got the boy and went for my run. Still in my work clothes. It’s was just getting dark. We ran straight from door, we normally walk a little first. He was off, so went with his pace. Just changed when he did and altered my pace to run along with him. Was a good variation of paces. Felt really good and my mind seemed less heavy now. It’s been a dark day, felt like giving up on everything. I may of done too but everyone’s messages on Facebook has helped pick me up and keep focused. Every message I read and reply to, gives me strength and pride. Such a powerful thing social media. If only we all used it more for the good things. We ran down the Toll path and along the Nene. Past the Key theatre and the Lido, then home. Time to shower and do some packing, while Babs cooked tea.

Day 262 done 103 to go.

2.3 miles

1614.4 miles total.

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