Day 263. Crikey.

I needed that. Slept real well last night and feel great this morning. Altough nervous, excited, anxious, motivated but also I feel driven and keen to get there, get my number on and get ready. Need to get sorted this end first and firstly my run. Was gonna suggest a family run but to my surprise, Babs had already been out with the boy for over an hour. Just me then, probably for the best, time for last minute thinking.

Very fresh this morning, kind of felt slightly underdressed. Man if I’m underdressed here then I need to rethink my kit for tomorrow.

Tomorrow’s run will look a bit different to this ha ha. A windy one again and the wind definitely has more of a nip in it, compared to yesterday. Don’t actually that much thinking, just taking everything in. This is it, am I ready? Yes! Have I done enough? Yes! To the best that I could of. How do I feel? Excited, very excited. I can’t wait to feel what it’s like. I know it’s gonna hurt, I know it’s gonna be the hardest thing I’ve ever done ( so far ). This is what attracts me to it, the unknown. Can I do it and how well with I cope? I get home and shower. Babs get my eggs boiling. Egg in egg cups and a cup of tea, breakfast of champions. We finish off the packing, loading the car and last minute reading over the route and feed stations. Babs is gonna aim to be at 2 of them, with food and spare socks. It’s time to leave my best mate for a few days though 😥, gonna miss him.

He’s gonna get spoiled and well looked after by Chris, so he’ll be happy. We nip to Go outdoors for some more socks and another safety blanket, can’t remember if I packed mine or not. A bacon sarnie for me and vegan sausage Sarnie for Babs, from the van in the carpark. Then we hit the road and unfortunately the traffic jams too. Feels like we’re driving through mud. We’re currently on the M6 toll now. Couldn’t take them roads anymore, doing my head in. So let Babs drive this bit while I write. Fingers crossed it stays like this now. Need to sign in and get my number, do a feed station recce for Babs and find somewhere to eat. Oh yeah and check in to our room. Need to be up at 4:30am tomorrow, so an early nights in oreder. I haven’t told Babs that part yet. Sorry Babs x. You can go back to sleep for a few hours 😉.

Day 263 done 102 to go.

2.6 miles.

1617 miles total.

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