Day 264. Snowdon Ultra.

Written by Babs as I’m way too knackered. Totally underestimated the time I’d take, was thinking between 12 and 15 hours. It took just under 16 and a half, coming in just before 11pm. Provisionally in 26th place and 23rd male. So well happy with that. I’ll you with Babs now and all I’ll say is that brutally mental and by far the hardest thing mentally and physically I’ve ever done.

After a very long day and biggest event of his life, steve asked that I write his blog. So from perspective ‘as supporter ‘ here is Steve’s day.
Steve woke very early this morning after a restless night for him, even I had ‘anxiety missing the alarm dreams’ so can’t imagine what was going through his mind. He was all prepped the night before and ready to go at 550 for the race to start at 630. I went back to sleep for couple of hours n then up and ready for a wander, with intention of meeting him at the checkpoint 5 at lunch time. However, got text at 1030 to say he just started Snowdon, which at the summit, is check point 3, so i knew there would a delay of around 2 hours of the original time, hoped he was ok. I left to meet him there, around 130 and the car park was rammed with supporters and walkers etc. I managed to get good spot and took in the view of the mountain waiting for him to come down, time ticked on and I tried to read a bit but was too distracted looking out for him hoping I wouldn’t miss him. He came down around 330 and looked like he had made a running buddy which was good. He seemed ok, wanted a sock change so I dried his feet and changed them whilst he tried to get some food on board. He wanted to get off, a high mountain and 7 miles to next feed station, thinking around 2 hours .

So I bomb over to get him another sandwich and get to the next feed stop around 430, no car parking spaces so I park up around half mile up road and run back! at around 630, I think I ought to go and get car as I don’t want to walk down road in dark, so I ran back to car and just as i parked up at the check point, steve arrived. Again he ran in with his running buddy which made me feel a bit more settled that they would probably continue together. Again he had quick feed and then off, so I head back to hotel , after getting more provisions- beer and ordered a pizza (as per hubby s request)

He aimed to be at finish for 930 and my google maps said he was half mile away, so I headed over for around twenty past. I joined another supporter, waiting for her husband (who turns out to be cousins running friend) on a bench and eagerly looked at the head torches coming in trying to make out if one was steve.

Just before 11 I see a running style I recognise and two head torches and in comes steve and his running buddy. So exhilarated, relieved and a tad emotional for him, after around 16 and half hours running, I could burst with pride. After medals, t shirt n pic and quick goodbyes we shoot off back to b n b, which luckily isn’t to far away. We had to climb to the second floor , ouchy for steve. He had shower and instantly his body went into shut down and started to shiver helped him put clothes on quick and got him to get under the covers whilst I got him a cup of tea. He eventually manage to raise his core temperature and feel bit more like.

This is where the day ends and I look forward to hearing all about Steve’s day tomorrow. I know, though, he is a legend, showing mental strength throughout as well as his physical strength pushing both beyond their boundary’s. Very proud of you steve xx

Day 264 done 101 to go.

52.5 miles 15,160ft of elevation.

1669.5 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 264. Snowdon Ultra.

  1. Speechless fella… great post both of you… sounds epic- both as a runner and spectator … hope you’re both ok this morning and you got some rest .. take it easy… and yeah what a small world it is!!

    Look forward to hearing the details

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