Day 265. Happy anniversary.

Well there you have it, one year on. We made it through the first year. It’s not always been a smooth ride but we make a great team. We’re both mental, that’s why we work, love you Barbara Ann X x.

So for our anniversary present I took her for a run. More of a hobble to start. After a lovely breakfast, we went down to the finish line, to see if anyone’s finished in the 100 mile race. They reckon another 9 hours 😲 Brutal! We chilled in the room, then got ready to go out. I knew I’d be ok once I got going but it hurt to start. I thought It’d be a good idea to show Babs the first bit of the ultra and look at Swallow falls. What I forgot is Babs isn’t confident off road. So a bit steady to start, which is fine by me, I think she enjoyed it really.

We finally make it to Swallow falls and it’s very noisy but fantastic.

We weave or way through the trees and find a nicer grassy trail, this takes us back to the fire road. We take this lovely undulating road all the way back to Betws y coed. Stopping briefly to watch a MTB race going on in the distance. Babs was pushing the pace all the way back, was a nice run. Plus my legs felt fine. We stopped at the bridge in the village, to watch a Heron hunting. Stood there patiently, looking, waiting then, Boom! It dipped its head in the water and pulled out a fish, amazing. It shook it about then swallowed it whole. Who needs TV 👍.

Day 265 done 100 to go.

4.5 miles.

1674 miles total.

2 thoughts on “Day 265. Happy anniversary.

  1. So firstly happy anniversary both of you… and secondly.. wow.. you sound like today was as if yesterday didn’t happen!!! Awesome… love that part of the world.. not been to swallow falls tho for years….


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