Day 269. Catbells.

So we arrived in the Lakes and set up base in Braithwaite.

Was originally gonna go to Devon but changed plans last night.

I persuaded Babs I needed to take Jackson for decent run. He’d been traveling all day and wanted him to settle tonight. Secretly I couldn’t stop looking at the mountains. Just wanted to get up there plus I wanted to check something out for the lads walking weekend. We join the path at the back of the campsite, it’s the same start to the route I did on the Derwent Dawdle. I ran this at the beginning of the year, funnily enough it’s the same pitch on the same campsite too. It’s a lovely trail along a clear flowing stream, a well manmade trail too. Turn Left on the road past the Swineside Inn (gonna be eating here with the lads) Then and right down the road, to the base of Catbells. A few walkers map reading in my way, we squeeze past. A hard paced stomp up now, it’s a good climb.

Still a few people jotted around up here, most on there way down. JB does amazing on the two main scrambles to the top. First time I’ve scrambled with him, so really pleased with how he did.


After the top we drop down the otherside. This is where I wanted to recce, we take a single-track grass trail to right. This joins a more rocky single-track and this goes round to the right. It’s not the one I had in mind but instead of heading down to the other, I stay on this. It’s brilliant. It traverses the side of the mountain, all runnable and great fun. JB stayed behind or to the side of me as told, good lad. It goes on for a good while but wished it went for longer. I’m sure the lads won’t be thinking that, they’ll be ready for food and a beer. We followed the same way back, adding a quick drink and cool down stop for Jackson.

Back to base camp. Time to chill.

Day 269 done 96 to go.

6.9 miles HR 133.

1694.1 miles total.

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