Day 270. Sunny Lake district.

First of all last night was stunning. Got this pic of the sun going down shinning on Skiddaw.

Followed by a hefty pub meal in the Coledale Inn.

After a long cold and restless Jackson night, we got up for a cup of tea. After this we got ready for a family run. The sun is shining and talks of staying this way, so planned a walk for the afternoon.

We basically went the same route as yesterday, to start anyway. Babs was smashing the trail.

Was still nice and fresh and with beautiful sunshine, perfect. A bit more traffic in the road bit today. Then we took the path through the woods, passing walkers on there way to ascent Catbells. Babs likes this bit.

I moaned that I never get a pic of me when we run, so Babs took this 😎.

This was in the clearing in the middle of the woods. We got to the road but stay on the trail and go straight on. The second time we approach the road, we do this via the sailing club. Where we get this great view open out of the lake.

We turn left here, then right a little further up the road, we follow this back to where we turned off. Nice and undulating through the woods, then it opens up and eventually we get back to the footpath which leads us back to camp. Then to finish Jackson has is end of run celebration dip and a drink. The boy loves it.

Cafe for late breakfast, then chill in the tent and off up them hills later.

Day 270 done 95 to go.

5 miles HR 110.

1699.1 miles total.

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