Day 271. Rest day.

Well finally got it, a cold! It’s been lingering since Sunday. Felt rough yesterday but worse today. Not really mentioned it in the blogs as hoped it’d pass, if I ignored it. Maybe the cold nights in the tent has brought it out. Was gonna run the Coledale horseshoe this morning but decided against it. Breakfast at the tent and a steady walk into Keswick instead. If anything else fails result to drink.

Only managed the three pints as head was pounding. Babs had had enough anyway, so a good job I didn’t get a taste for it. We picked some dog food up and a few bits from the supermarket, before hiking back to the campsite. Definitely wasn’t up for my run, I’d been putting it of all day. Was hoping to feel a bit more lively as they day went on but I hadn’t. Had a coffee and got ready. Maybe just a road run, just to get it done like. Just can’t get my head around that though. I know it makes sense but how can I? Not with all these hills, mountains and endless trails. I can see them from the tent, up there. Right in front of me. I decided to just go to the bottom of Barrow and see how I feel. We walked most of this yesterday, here’s Babs rocking the mountains.

Got to start of it and forgot to assess the situation and started going up it. Just feels right, so I crack on. Into a fast walk now and the calves are on fire, feels good, I feel alive. I carried on marching and jogging, till I pass where we dropped back down yesterday. Onwards and upwards till I reach the top of Barrow. I look back to Braithwaite and wonder if Babs is looking up.

Here’s the view of Keswick, looks so peaceful and doesn’t show how extremely busy it was there today.

I put my hat back on, do my top up and pull my sleeves down. It’s cold up here and it’s time to head down. Down these beautiful flowing runable trails, I get a twinge. Cold? What cold?

I don’t follow this into the distance, although I wanted to. I turned right at the valley, I then had this beauty in front of me.

If your a runner and this doesn’t excite you, then stick to the roads. I didn’t stop smiling all the way down, even though I got stitch in both sides. That’s right stitch ha ha, on a downhill. I just turned my brain off and ran. It turned into a grass meadow, then to a gravel road. My quads were burning now, double workout. My hat and jacket got took off while on the move and they stayed off till I got back. I was feeling much better now but still rough. I’m so glad I didn’t run on them stinky roads though, I can do that back home. Time for tea.

Day 271 done 94 to go.

3.3 miles HR 146.

1702.4 miles total.

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