Day 272. To Force Crag mine and back.

So the end of our hols is here πŸ˜₯πŸ‘Ž. Both feeling groggy this morning too, add the rain and end of holiday sadness, motivation was low. Saying that, I definitely felt better than yesterday. I put the kettle on and we made a plan. Babs had a coffee and I had a Tumeric extra green tea. She was gonna try and follow the route we did together, 2 days ago. I was gonna run with the boy and see what happens. I sometimes like to go and explore. Babs set off first while i distracted Jackson and got ready. We head up through the village. Whinlatter road is closed due to damage from the bad weather. I’d inspected to make sure we could get through while walking JB. They’d built a footbridge for pedestrians. Pretty interesting to see how they worked next to streams.

A manmade dam and pump system, felt a bit sorry for the houses near by (pumps was noisy). We crossed the makeshift footbridge and head up the road. Not too far before there’s a trail to the left. There’s a track I’ve seen from the campsite, maybe this will take us there. One way to find out, we take it. It’s a bit overgrown in places but not too bad for most of it.

A few thorns and harsh bracken whips as we go. It climb up twisting and weaving our way through. Untill we get to a gravel road, this must be what I could see. There’s some young walkers stood in the rain, checking there maps. They all say morning as we pass and replied with the same. A slight incline and lovely views, this will do nicely for today and JB can be off the lead. Untill I see sheep that is.

It rains on and off but I’ve dressed for this so don’t mind one bit. The road just keeps going up and don’t see any paths/trails to the top yet, so I keep running. Actually really enjoying this track, plenty to look at and can totally turn off. I see sheep in the distance, so hook the boy back in. I can also see what looks like a mine. That’s is then, to the mine and back, perfect πŸ‘. There’s plenty of trails heading up to the tops now we’re at the end of the road. It’s very tempting and I honestly was 50/50 on going up. Maybe I should of, who knows? I got some pics and looked at the mine, then turned back.

Thought I’d took more pics than this but this is all I had. As soon as we started running down I knew this was the right decision. Flying down with my boy at around 6min mile pace, with stunning views for nearly 2 miles. What more could I want? Plus we had to pack up the tent and stuff and drive home πŸ‘Ž. We stayed on the track till the end. Missing out the overgrown trail and we came out a bit further up the road. A nice downhill cruise back through Braithwaite to the tent. Then the sun came out ha ha. Only for a bit, just to tease us. Babs gets back slightly after, also having had a good run.

Day 272 done 93 to go.

5.4 miles.

1707.8 miles total.

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