Day 273. Pain in the back.

Literally! I can hardly get my trainers on this afternoon. After all that running in the mountains, with no falls or major incidents. I only went and pulled my back taking the bloody tent down. It was a bit tender on the drive home but thought I’d got away with it. Untill this morning, it was worse, should of done my run first thing. I walked the boy instead as running him would of made it worse. When I got this welcome back pic.

A fly by.

I’m working away this week and getting picked up. Not till after midday though, the van was getting the windscreen changed. So thought I’d run later when I get there, incase it eased. I was wrong. I struggled to get ready while Carl chilled and tried to talk me into not running. “Just lie” he said. Never!

I took the lift down and walked across the road, as the subway was flooded. Something to do with the fire in the flats next door I reckon. Anyway I looked a right knob. Started to run and Arrrrrrh! The pain was imence, couldn’t believe it. Tried again and again, had stop and walk. My leg kept giving way with the pain. I start to panic. Can a tent finish my challenge, seriously? I decide to keep walking, maybe it’ll ease. Then I remembered the woods on the otherside, out of sight there. So used the subway and walked into Millennium woods. Started again, a little bit further, then same again. Had a stretch and got a bit further. I bloody hurt but It ain’t beating me. Stretched 2 or 3 more times and soldiered on. I was a mile in and not having to stop now but slow and in pain. I found I can take it now so carried on, under the road and into Fairfield park. By the time I got to the other end I noticed I was up to nearly 10 min/mile pace. I followed the roads back feeling slightly looser now, still not good but around a 9 min/mile pace now. I was happy to be back but not looking forward to tomorrow.

Day 273 done 92 to go.

4.2 miles.

1712 miles total.

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