Day 287. Birthday boy.

Well it’s not his official birthday till Thursday but, well I’m being selfish. I’m away till Friday and leave early tomorrow. I wanted to see him play with his new toys. I got him the big orange ball thing and Babs got him 30 news tennis balls. Babs wins πŸ‘. He was a bit knackered after our run but managed to wear himself out even more ha ha. Love him.

Had my x-ray today, so with that and the weather, no work againπŸ‘Ž. Got wet walking the boy first thing. Dropped Babs at work. Had the x-ray. Did the shopping. Sat around and got bored! At least I had a rest day I suppose. Got off the sofa eventually and got motivated to run, this was around 3:45pm. Wished I’d gone sooner, as now I’m limited on time. As I’m scheduled to pick her Royal Highness up again at 5pm. So to the Boathouse with the boy, still raining but now keen to get going. We stay off-road the whole time. It was perfect, wet, muddy, Slippy (a bit too much at times for Bennett) and no-one about. JB soon burning himself out and was by my side after the first mile ha ha. Then he started limping. I checked his paw but couldn’t see owt, checked it 2 or 3 times but still nowt (Lincolnshire dialogue). So I gave the magic rub and that seemed to work. He was a good lad, even when I had him hooked on. Feeling even looser today, so fingers crossed. I’ll be back to normal soon 😎. Although in a strange way I’m gonna miss Bennett, not too much but a bit. He’s still with me for now though and seems in a good mood. Although my right hamstring is slightly tender. Not as bad as Babs though, she looked liked she’d shit her Sen last night and again this morning ha ha. We ended up running the river golf course and woodman loop. Then finished via the top trail near the rowing lake. Bloody good fun, nice and dirty. The boy definitely approved πŸ‘.

Although this was taking after I’d cleaned him off.

Picked the boss up then got fish and chips. We gave the Posh fish and chips at the Beehive a try. Very good, so good infact we’d eaten them before getting a pic.

Day 287 done 78 to go.

4.5 miles HR 142.

1773 miles total.

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