Day 293. House warming/Bday party.

It’s been a while since I managed 2 heavy nights drinking. I’ll be honest that on my drive over, I wasn’t up for drinking. Still suffering from Friday night.

So Duncan and Caroline (Cazza)know how to throw a party. Everyone got up dancing at some point. Maggy had arranged for her Columbian dance teacher to come and get us all moving. It definitely worked, we’ve got some great movers in the group. After having a few kind offers for a bed sleep in (as I planned to sleep in the van) I took the offer from Dunc and Cazza for their spare room, plus it’s the party house. It got messy by the end of the night, with just a handful of us left. Singing and silly dancing ha ha. Shad caved in first but came to life again when we found Jo’s phone. Sorry Jo. There’s a few extra pics on there now 😲. Charlie was the last to go, we wasn’t long after that going to bed. Haven’t got a clue what time it was though but feel very sleep deprived today. After we cleared the bomb site up and had some breakfast, bagels for the Beagle, I leave. Great host’s and a great night.

Now I needed to do my run before I faded. With some forward planning, I’d got my running stuff with me. So drove to the Cuckoo and got changed. Fancied trials by the river today.

I got straight on it and aimed myself to the locks. It’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, it’s warm but not too warm. Perfect really. This also means more people about. It’s not a bad thing, there’s enough room for all of us. I actually feel good although to mass consumption of alcohol, or the dancing has pissed Bennett off. He ain’t happen today. Definitely not forget about him today, it is what it is. How calming is watching water flow in a stream? Very.

It’s one of those calm days today, where it feels like human noise has stopped apart from mine. All I can here is running water, birds, my footsteps and breathing. At Castor I take the trail back to river and follow it again. Even the cows I run through at the end of this bit, don’t move an inch. There not bothered one bit by me and just carried on eating the grass. A few people around this bit and a bloke litter picking. Over the Nene railway and into the old Roman settlement fields, at the back of Castor. The bottom end is full of sheep, there not bothered either, am I invisible? To the point 2 just walked in front of me, had to shout them away ha ha. I just can’t get over how lovely the day is. Wished I wasn’t hung over and had more time today.

Took the brilliant little single-track through the trees, can never get bored of this bit. Bit of pain through here but only Bennett stretching. Back across the field and along the train track path. A few people walking down here, can’t really blame them can you. I come off the path at the Nene and I’m back on trails. Starting to wish I’d packed my trail shoes and not my new road ones. It’s not really that muddy but there is the odd bit. Starting to get a bit of indigestion on here but only a bit. Think it was the potato salad I’d snacked on this morning. Over the new footbridge, across the field and locks. I could feel the hangover coming now, so was pleased to finish back at the van. When a hot bird beeps her horn at me. The wife had come to spy on me 😎👍.

Day 293 done 72 to go.

6.2 miles.

1806.9 miles total.

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